10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Sometimes it seems like the bathroom has become the dirtiest room in the house, and in such a short amount of time you wonder what's been going on in there. Here are 10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips from Home Life that will make it a breeze to help you to keep your bathroom tidy and clean. If you are a busy person then the time that you have to clean your house is probably very little to no time at all. You may also not be able to afford to hire someone to come and clean your house either. But there can be and always is an easy way to do things and this list is here to help! The directions are pretty simple and easy to follow. You could even print out the list on the website in the link so that you have it on hand as a check list to help you out.

You could also post the printed list in the bathroom'put it in a pretty frame'as a hint to your family that they can always do a thing or two to help out. Get the kids in on the act and even offer special rewards if they wipe the bathroom counter when they are through or put their toothbrush back in the rack. Changing the towels or emptying the waste basket could earn a few extra minutes of television or play time. Even the littlest ones in your household can help by putting their towels back on the rack after a bath or letting you know the toilet roll is empty. They could earn an extra night time story for their contribution. Get creative and find ways that your family can help keep the bathroom neat and tidy.

In any event, I also always use the top to bottom rule whenever I set about cleaning and try to do things in an orderly fashion. I start at one end of the bathroom and work my way to the door, usually. First I tackle the bath tub, and then the toilet, and finally the sink. I also wipe down the walls and the baseboards and window sills as I go because they can collect a lot of condensation and dust. I prefer to use baking soda and vinegar as eco friendly alternatives for other chemical products. Toss some lemon or lime in your vinegar so it smells good. Yet, I still love the smell of Comet, though, I must admit. There is just something about the smell that makes me feel like the bathroom is totally clean!

The list you will see on the Home Life website is a great, thorough list that doesn't miss anything and it will totally help you in your cleaning efforts! Remember to bookmark the page or print it out so that you have the steps handy for yourself or to post on your bathroom door! Head over to 'Home Life 'by following the link in the description below for more!

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