10 Ways to Keep Cool at home Without A/C

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We all love the summer time, but often people tend to complain no matter what the weather is, and sometimes it can get so hot you do feel like you are going to explode. Here are 10 Ways to Keep Cool at home Without A/C. Air conditioning is the best way to keep cool if it is super hot outside, but sometimes it is expensive to run, and some people don't like to keep it running all the time in the summer, or just don't even own one, because they can't afford it, or think that it is unnecessary. I mean, you are supposed to be warm in the summer, thats all part of it right?

For those times when it is just way too hot, these helpful tips can help you out immensely. There are the things you may have already thought of, like running fans in your home, or using some ice or cold water to cool down, but there are so many more helpful hints to keep you cool. Did you know that drinking enough water can help you stay hydrated and stay cool. You can add some cooling cucumber or mint to your water too, as these both have natural cooling properties.

Then there is making sure that your blinds are closed during the hottest part of the day, and that you close the windows in the sunniest part of the house on hotter days to stay cool. You can open all the windows and doors again once the sun has set, to allow a nice cross breeze through. Also, helping to keep you cool is what pools are for, so visit you local outdoor pool or take a trip to the nearest river or lake to cool off. Or just take a nice cool shower in your home to cool down. Head over to 'Wiki' by following the link in the section below for more tips!

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