10 ways to use WD-40 around the home

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Every household needs some WD-40 around. This stuff is great for a number of simple life hacks, squeaky brakes and doors are made silent with just a small squirt of this oil. It turns out there are a bunch of other simple life hacks and cleaning tips that WD-40 can be used for too. Which is great if you already have some of it on hand. While the ingredients of WD-40 has always been a secret and will probably continue to be, we know that this stuff really works. Even major airlines hace been known to use WD-40 on their aircraft. Jacinta from Cooktop Cove shares several great ideas with us that will make use of WD-40 in ways you probably hadn't thought of before. So check them out and put some of them to the test in your own home.

1. You can also use WD-40 on your glass shower doors. Since cleaning glass can be difficult even in the best of times, try using some WD-40 to make the job easier. Just lightly spray the glass with the product, whether its a window, glass shower door or a mirror and then wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth. This will also prevent water from staying on the surface too; it will just bead up and fall away.

2. Of course, we all know that WD-40 is great for squeaky door hinges. So just open the squeaky door all the way and spray the top hinge and the lower hinge. Move the door back and forth to work in the oil and to see if the squeaking sound is gone. If it's not, you can re-apply until the door is silent.

3. If you have ever had a dreaded wasp nest around your home, you know how annoying and dangerous it can be. Prevent those wasps from setting up camp around your home by spraying WD-40 under the eaves of your home. This will be sure to keep the pests away.

4. When you can't get your rings off because your hands are hot and swollen, just use some WD-40 to get them off. The product will make the skin and the ring nice and slippery so the rings will just slide right off.

5. Painting your nails can sometimes get messy. If you spill some nail polish, instead of using nail polish remover just use some WD-40 instead. Spray it on the nail polish and then wipe it up.

6. Use it to protect your boots and shoes from rain and snow. Simply spray the oil on your shoes and rub it in. This will protect and repel water and moisture from your footwear. Just be sure to do a test spot on your shoe before you spray the entire area.

7. Apparently, you can keep snow from building up on your windows and car doors as well by spraying a bit of WD-40 on them. You can also spray it on your snow shovel to make shovelling the snow in your driveway much easier.

There are a few more simple life hacks you can try out from Cooktop Cove so make sure you check out the full post. Try out these cleaning tips and see which ones work the best and make sure to share them with your friends as well so they can try them out at home too.***

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