12 Problems That Can Be Solved With Baby Powder

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Good old baby powder! When I was a little girl, I remember all the different ways my mother used to use it – as a deodorant, for oil stains, for the litter box, just to mention a few. And here we are, many years later, and baby powder still has a tremendous role to play in our lives. If you’re looking for more ways to use it, then you may want to check out this very informative article: “12 Problems That Can Be Solved With Baby Powder.”

Baby powder is actually a form of talcum powder or talc, a metamorphic mineral, which is the softest of all minerals. Because of its soft texture and its astringent qualities, talcum powder was the perfect choice for babies, soaking up extra moisture in their diapers and preventing diaper rash. But these days baby powder has several new uses that never cease to amaze. This article points out twelve of them, but no doubt there are many more.

First of all, did you know baby powder can be used to de-knot your necklaces? Yes, that’s right, if you sprinkle it onto your knotted chain, it will help you loosen it up so you can easily untie it! Baby powder is also a wonderful deodorizer! You can put it in your shoes. It will soak up all of the sweat and keep them from getting smelly. Be sure to use it often – especially in those old runners!

Also, if you happen to wax your legs, baby powder can make your life a heck of a lot easier. Baby powder can ease the pain and redness caused by waxing if you first sprinkle a little of it on your legs. Not only will it protect your skin, but it will also soak up every tiny drop of moisture. When you apply the wax, it will stick to – and therefore remove - every single hair.

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