16 Weird cleaning tricks that will make your life infinitely easier

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When it comes to house cleaning, there is always more than enough to do. From the kitchen to the living room, the bedrooms to the bathroom, and everything in between, at times there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done. That is why you will want to take a look at these 16 weird clean home tips and tricks on the Expert Home Tips site. The following are just some of the house cleaning tips and tricks you will find on the list.

1. Use a lint roller as a house cleaning tip to dust everything, in the house. Run a lint roller over everything from lampshades, leather sofas, windowsills, and anywhere else that dust settles. Unlike feather dusters that moves the dust particles around into the air, a lint roller will keep hold of the dust on their sticky surface.

2. Use the dishwasher to wash almost everything. A dishwasher is a useful appliance that can help with a variety of house cleaning tips. It’s hot, soapy and washes most glass, cloth and plastic. It's a great idea to take advantage of the dishwasher to get all sorts of items in the house sparkly clean.

3. A great house cleaning tip is to use a butter knife to clean an air vent. Just cover a butter knife or any blunt tool like a spatula for example with a soft cleaning cloth and moisten with a multi-purpose cleaner then wipe each slat in the vent. This clean home tip also works well with blinds and any small spaces around the home.

4. Use salt as a house cleaning tip to clean your iron. Just sprinkle some salt onto your ironing table and run the iron on medium heat over it a few times. Any residue that is on the iron should come off and leave a sparkling clean finish.

5. To remove pet hair use a rubber glove. To pick up those pesky pet hairs more efficiently, put on a wet rubber glove and wipe your hand over all the surfaces. Hairs will stick to the rubber glove like a magnet.

6. Clean oddly shaped bottles with some rice. Bottles can be tricky to get clean, but if you have some rice in the cupboard, it can be a used for a clean home tip. Pour a handful of uncooked rice into the bottle you can make a funnel with some paper if you need to. The add some warm water and a small squirt of liquid dish soap. Screw the bottle lid back and give the bottle a good shake. Rinse out the bottle to reveal a sparkling clean bottle.

7. Use an old toothbrush as a house cleaning tip for a dirty sink drain. With a lemon, some baking soda and a toothbrush, you can clean a dirty sink drain and get it sparkling clean again.

8. Deep clean your bathroom shower head with a sandwich bag. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with a couple of teaspoons of baking soda and some white vinegar then attach it to your shower head using an elastic band. Turn the shower on slightly to let the sandwich bag fill up then leave overnight. The next morning any shower grime and debris will fall off easily.

These house cleaning tips and tricks are just some of the ideas you will find on the Expert Home Tips site. On the site, you will find house cleaning tips, health and beauty, family and pets, clean home tips, cute and funny, food tips, recipes and so much more. With these house cleanilng tips and tricks your house will like new. **

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