19 Tips To Get Rid of Every Type of Stain You Could Imagine

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Everyone has been frustrated by cleaning stains out of a particular item, but Donella, an author at ‘One Crazy House’ lifestyle blog, has a secret way to getting rid of everything, whether it is an item of clothing or a stainless steel pot. Cleaning stains out of clothing, the carpet, or furniture can be incredibly challenging, leading people to throw the items away, but with Donella’s article, we can learn how to get rid of sweat stains in white clothing, hard water stains on faucets, and even remove unsightly rust from cast iron pans. By following Donella’s cleaning tips and tricks, you will never have to throw anything out again because it was stained.

There are many stain removal products out there, but the one you use depends on the item and type of stain. For example, if you want to remove spots from a T-shirt, in particular, sweat stains, a combination of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap will do the trick. The possibility of white clothing collecting yellowed stains on the underarms is enough to make you never want to purchase white clothing again, but luckily, you can keep all your whites looking fresh with this hydrogen peroxide cleaning tip. The best news is that this method has also been tested on coloured shirts with grease stains and this cleaning process successfully cleaned those shirts without any damage as well. You should be able to locate hydrogen peroxide at any store that sells pharmaceuticals, like a drugstore, for all your clothing cleaning needs.

Other spot cleaning products in Donella’s article includes using a mixture of dish detergent, vinegar, and water for cleaning marker stains off upholstery and carpets. By allowing this mixture to settle on stains for several minutes and blotting regularly, the stains disappear turning your curtains and carpet back to their brand new appearances. This cleaning method works extremely well for getting marker stains out of a carpet, but if you are wondering how to get tough stains out of carpet that is not caused by marker ink, but rather pets, Donella has a solution for those too. Pet stains are an undoubted occurrence in pet ownership, but it is excellent to know that there are ways of cleaning carpets efficiently if an incident occurs. You can use natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, but don’t mix them into a solution. Instead, pour vinegar directly on the stain and allow it to soak, and then sprinkle the baking soda, which will eliminate the smell of the mess while it settles. The baking soda and vinegar should be left on the stain for at least one day before being cleaned up altogether.

Although stains are difficult to get out of everyday items, Donella’s article and pointers make removing stains from carpets, clothing, and curtains a whole lot easier. Be sure to head over to view her article for additional information on how to remove stains from faucets, pizza stones, toilets, and more. Thank you to Donella, the author of One Crazy House lifestyle blog, for showing us cleaning tips for getting rid of various types of stains.**

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