20 frugal ways to use dawn dish soap

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Did you know there are at least twenty frugal ways to use Dawn dish soap – and not just for washing dishes? As far as detergents go, Dawn is one of the least expensive. One container can last you several weeks and help you all around the house – and yard - when you use it these suggested ways.

Trying to save money can seem like a chore in itself sometimes, and that’s when one essential cleaning product can come in really handy. Dawn dish soap has been used for cleaning up avian oil spill victims because it breaks down greasy film so easily. If it can be used for such a heavy duty task such as this, what else can it be used for?

Here are the top ways to use Dawn dish soap and save money:

1. Hair Emergencies. As much as you might try not to, you can’t always avoid getting grease in your hair – nor can your kids. That’s when Dawn comes to the rescue. Simply pour a few drops onto the greasy spot and rub it into the affected area. Rinse with water after you’ve removed the grease.

2. Safe DIY Herbicide. Did you know that Dawn could actually come in handy as a weed killer? When you combine a tiny amount – a half a teaspoon – with salt and white vinegar, you can pour it on weeds to help keep them under control. Be careful not to pour it on your plants, though.

3. Winter Driveway De-Icer. Forget industrial salt, sand, or chemical de-icers, all of which can foul up your concrete after prolonged use. Use Dawn instead. To make your own DIY concrete de-icer, simply mix a gallon of hot water with two tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol and two teaspoons of Dawn in a large container. Then pour it onto the areas you wish to de-ice. Not only will the ice melt, but it won’t refreeze either. You can also use a similar solution to de-ice the windshield of your car.

4. Outdoor Furniture Cleaner. Add a teaspoon of Dawn to a bucket of warm water and use the mixture to clean your outdoor furniture. Dawn is especially helpful for cleaning up weathered plastic furniture and helping to make it look like new again. One tip, however, is to do this at least once every two weeks in the summer time. Don’t forget to rinse the furniture with a pressurized hose afterwards.

5. Unclogging Drains and Toilets. When you have Dawn around, you don’t need to invest in expensive heavy-duty chemicals that can potentially eat away at your plumbing. Measure out a cup of Dawn instead and pour it into the drain or toilet. Leave it for up to twenty minutes, then pour a bucket of freshly-boiled water into it. That should get things moving again.

6. Defogging Glasses. You know how annoying – and potentially dangerous – it can be when your glasses fog up and you can’t see anything? If you pour a few drops of Dawn onto your lenses and wipe them clean, the gentle film will help keep them from fogging up in the future.

7. Squeaky Clean Hair. When we use a lot of different hair products, especially conditioners, mousses, gels, and hairsprays, these products can build up over time, making our hair dull and non-responsive. Dawn can cut through all of these products, leaving your hair fresh and clean again. Use it once every four to six weeks as a safe alternative to harsh shampoos.

These are just the first seven of the top twenty ways you can use Dawn to inexpensively clean your house. The full list can be found over at the Cultivated Nest website and blog, where you can find lots more frugal DIY cleaning ideas.*

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