26 Genius Dollar-Store Finds Every Parent Should Know About

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Anything that saves a parent money, time, or laundry is a welcome relief from the challenges of keeping up with the kids. Here are a few of 26 Genius Dollar-store finds every parent should know about to help them stay organized and stay sane.

1. Mesh laundry bags are inexpensive and when you go to the beach you can just pop all those sandy toys in to the bag and shake them out. Sand just falls through the mess and you've got all those toys clean and ready for the next outing.

2. Plastic pails are always cheap and colorful. They're also great storage units for any number of toys, tools, or other loose items. And you can hang the pail up to save space and keep some things away from little hands.

3. Plastic baskets come in a wide range of heights, depths, and widths. Choose from plenty of fun colors and keep sippy cups in one, plates in another, and separate forks, knives and spoons into their own basket. Kids will appreciate being able to grab and go.

4. Boxes with snap on plastic lids are really great when you want to take supplies on a trip or to someone's house. You can put play dough, crayons, glue and any number of other supplies in to the plastic box, snap on the lid, and it travels with ease and no spills.

5. Ever wonder what those big plastic table cloths can be good for? Try one out the next time you have a party of kids over for a craft date, lunch or birthday party. They cover an entire table and when the kids are through you can just gather up everything and toss the whole mess out. Saves you time at a price you can afford.

These are just some of the great finds you can check out at your Dollar Store. Find more terrific ideas, check out the link below to the BuzzFeed website.

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