31 Ways to Clean with Vinegar

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Every modern day list of cleaning supplies probably has vinegar on it, in fact, here are 31 ways to clean with vinegar. If you don't already use vinegar in your home cleaning recipes or routine, you should definitely consider trying it out. Vinegar has been used since 5000 BC by an ancient Babylonian culture, the Sumerians. The Sumerians would use homemade vinegar to pickle vegetables to keep them longer and give them a nice flavour. There are even records of people bathing in vinegar as a relaxing tonic, and that Hippocrates recommended it to people for different illnesses and sores. It was also used on soldier's wounds during the wars and is still used in some of these same ways today. Vinegar has also been used in many recipes including cakes like the Wacky Cake, and in salad dressings to give that zesty flavour. People also enjoy vinegar on their fish and chips and there are even some beverages that are made with vinegar. The word vinegar actually comes from the French word vinaigre, which means sour wine, since white vinegar undergoes the same distillation process as wine does. White vinegar generally takes 20 hours to a few days to create, and it lasts a very long time due to it's acidity.

Besides being one of the top products on a list of cleaning supplies, vinegar is also great for natural health purposes. It can be used to improve digestion by stimulating the digestive organs, which helps to relieve stomach aches. It is also known to help a sore throat if it is gargled with water. Even wounds and topical fungus can be relieved with white vinegar by putting it on the wound. Just be sure to brush your teeth after ingesting it because it can wear away at your tooth enamel. People have also used vinegar as a cleaning agent and disinfectant for years. Before bleach and other cleaning products came about, vinegar was used to keep homes clean and is mentioned in many home keeping books throughout the ages. People these days have been getting back into using natural house cleaners that are made using vinegar and other natural ingredients like baking soda. There are so many home cleaning recipes that involve white distilled vinegar, and many of them are listed in this list from Cordless Vacuum Guide's website.

The number one thing vinegar can be counted on when it comes to cleaning is that it is a great disinfectant. The level of acidity quickly goes after any germs and bacteria and sterilizes. This is great for use in the kitchen to sterilize counter tops, cutting boards and utensils after working with meat, or to clean the shower, sink and toilet in the bathroom. Another thing that white vinegar is really well known for is deodorizing. Anything that has a strong smell, vinegar can get it out. So have a look through all of these brilliant kitchen tips and tricks and see which ones you can use in your home cleaning routine.***

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