5 simple tips to transition to a paperless kitchen

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Adopting a greener lifestyle is becoming the norm these days, and more people are transitioning to a plastic free, toxin free and even a paper free home. Not only is it good for their own health and wellbeing, but for the environment as well. Plastic is one of the most toxic materials containing many harmful chemicals, yet it's found in almost everything in our modern-day life. Buying food from the grocery store, you're very likely to bring home some plastic with you each trip. Of course, recycling it is key, but if you do some research, you'll find out that not all of the plastic we throw into the recycle bin actually gets recycled. Paper products can also be harmful to the environment, and they can also contain bleaches and dyes that make them harmful for us. If you use a lot of paper towels or napkins on a regular basis, you may want to consider going paper free in your home, or at least go with environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable paper products.

Changing any routine you've gotten used to might be hard at first, but Maryea the Happy Healthy Mama is here to share some of her useful tips for life without paper products in the kitchen. Getting rid of plastics and paper are just some of the ways to help the environment, and you'll feel much better for doing so. First of all, when making your transition to more environmentally friendly products set a timeline for yourself to do so. If you still have some paper products left over, then just start integrating your paperless products slowly while still using some of your leftover paper items. Maryea and her family started out by using some cloth napkins for dinner, and they still used paper napkins any other time. You'll also want to stock up on all of the cloth towels and napkins you'll need too. Make sure you have enough cloths and napkins that you won't have to be washing laundry every day. Maryea's family has 20+ cloth napkins on hand, and they didn’t buy them all at once and try to buy environmentally friendly products like cotton and other natural fibres.

You can also keep a laundry bin close to your kitchen, so your used cloths don't sit around on the countertops. Just put it in a spot that will be easily accessible by your family members. It should be as easy as throwing your napkins in the garbage. Then, when you're ready to wash them, just throw them in with other towels or sheets and wash as usual. Like Maryea says, you'll also want to get the other members of your household on board with the transition too. So make sure that you talk to your family about the plan to go paperless and share that it's one of the many ways to help the environment through your lifestyle and habits. Once your whole family is on board, it will make the entire process go a lot smoother. One of the other bonuses of going paper-free will be saving money on all of the paper products you used to purchase regularly. So if you're ready to ditch the paper products in your home try out these useful tips for life and see how they work for you. Next, you may want to ditch all of your chemical cleaning products if you haven't already. Maryea also shares lots of different ways to eliminate toxic cleaners and implement natural cleaners into your home. Check out her website for more and enjoy your transition to being a paper free household.***

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