5 Speed Cleaning Tips

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Does spending your Saturday's and Sunday's housecleaning-free sound like a riddle you want to find out the "catch to". Well, you will be pleased to find out this riddle is trick-free thanks to Out The Box Mom's list of Speed Cleaning: Friday Fast 5. This list is for the people who are sick of spending their weekends cleaning the house while trying to juggle homework, cooking, catching up with friends and family or for just some well deserved personal time. Get motivated with some good music and get started on your weekend cleaning tasks for one quick hour on Friday nights with this handy list. You might even have so much fun that you will be looking more forward to Fridays than what you thought could be possible (or maybe that's just wishful thinking).

If you are thinking that one hour to do your cleaning doesn't seem like enough time, Friday Fast 5 also has a list of recommended easy to use cleaning supplies to speed up the cleaning process. The Box Mom not only provides this speedy cleaning list, she also provides other helpful tips any person would be happy to learn about, such as tips on finances, family, giveaways, home and more!

As most of us know, living a high-stress life contributes to a number of different and serious health issues. And the ways we can destress our lives can be through simple lists like these that aim to provide us with more free time. Not only can you use this list to free up your own weekends, it also could be used as a time where you can relax to a good music playlist of your choice and ease into the weekend no matter how busy it may be. Sounds good doesn't it?

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