7 Amazing Things You Never Knew Mayo Could Do

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Here are 7 amazing things you never knew mayo could do. Mayonnaise is a relatively new creation, likely not much more than 100 years old. It is fundamentally a blend of oil and egg yolk with vinegar or lemon. Today, of course, it is possible to get egg free mayonnaise. As well, all manner of variations exist on mayonnaise, from herbs and mustards to even vegetables and other things that can be added to enhance its flavor. The nutritious blend of eggs and oil might also give you some hint as to other amazing uses for this sometimes under appreciated sauce.

There are some things that are just useful to keep around the house because of their tremendous value to do much more than what their main intention is. Vinegar is one of those useful things. It can be used to brighten clothes in the wash or make up a tart salad dressing. Baking soda can scrub pots clean, clean stains out of carpets or help a cake rise up light and beautiful. So vinegar and baking soda should always be part of your household arsenal. Mayonnaise is another one of those things that has a surprisingly wide range of applications. It can actually lift paint off some surfaces, and it is clearly a versatile sauce for sandwiches, dips, and other cooking purposes.

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