7 Brilliant Tricks You Will Use Every Time You Clean the Bathroom

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Cleaning your bathroom isn't the most fun job to do, but it is one that needs to be done regularly. Here are 7 Brilliant Tricks You’ll Use Every Time You Clean the Bathroom. Its a job that has to be done, so you might as well make it as easy as possible on yourself. Cleaning your bathroom should be done at least once a week if not more depending on the amount it is used and the number of people using it. If you have five people in your household or share a house with room mates, you might want to consider cleaning the bathroom every few days just to keep on top of all the germs and the odours. These bathroom cleaning hacks will make it possible for even the laziest person to clean the bathroom with ease. So show this video from the Household Hacker YouTube page to all of your roommates or family members so that they can enjoy trying the tips and tricks in the video when its their turn for bathroom cleaning duty. This video filled with great bathroom cleaning hacks also takes advantage of using natural cleaning products for bathroom cleaning instead of the chemical filled products. We want to be conscious of what we are using in our homes as far as products go so we can protect our own health and the wellbeing of the environment. When you use chemical products and flush them down the toilet or rinse them down the sink, all of those chemicals get washed into our waterways causing pollution. So it is always best to stick with all natural products when you can.

The good news is that you don't even have to spend a lot of money on these all natural household products. Chances are you may even have some of the ingredients that are mentioned in some of the bathroom cleaning hacks in this video. One of the first natural cleaning products for bathroom mirrors is to use black tea steeped in water. The mixture is sprayed onto the mirror and wiped off with a cloth. It actually works surprisingly well and is probably something you have never thought of before. Another famous all natural bathroom cleaner is white vinegar. White vinegar can be used all around the house, including the bathroom. Since white vinegar is so great at disinfecting and removing odours, the bathroom is the perfect place to use it. You can use it to remove built up gunk in the shower by mixing it with equal parts of dish soap and scrubbing away, you can also use it to clean water deposits off of sink and bat tub taps.

Lemons are also a great natural cleaner that can be used to remove water deposits on taps and it will leave the bathroom smelling nice and fresh too. When it comes to toilet cleaning vinegar is also a great choice. In this video of bathroom cleaning hacks, they show you how to clean a toilet with vinegar and only vinegar. You might also want to consider storing your toilet cleaning brush in some bleach or vinegar to keep the germs at bay as well as the foul odour the toilet brush can have. You can also change out your toilet brush frequently as well to maintain a germ free environment. Thank you to the Household Hackers for sharing these awesome bathroom cleaning hacks with us so we can make our bathrooms sparkle and shine with ease. Household Hackers feature plenty of videos with house cleaning tips and tricks as well as fun hacks that make life more interesting and easy.*

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