7 Tricks That Make Laundry Day Way Easier

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Here are 7 tricks that make laundry day way easier and less of the hassle that it can so often seem to be. Doing the laundry is a bit of work if you have anyone in the house who is, well, a slob, loves dirty sports, works out heavily, or just tends to make a mess eating their spaghetti. All these things often require pre-soaking, scrubbing, sitting and other tedious steps to ensure that the clothes come back fresh and clean. These tricks may help make those steps easier on laundry day.

One great tip is giving each family member a color-coded basket for his or her laundry. They can fill it up, and bring it to the laundry room, then pick up their clean clothes in one go. Clothes don’t get mixed up, and siblings don’t argue about who has been stealing whose clothes! Other tips help with keeping clothes and socks straight as well as a great technique to help ensure that clothes that need washing right away can get managed immediately. One tip that we hear often, and it is a good one, is to not do the laundry on only one day, but to do a little bit each day. You could even assign particular days for particular types of clothing. Gym clothes and sports clothes could be done on the day of the week when those events aren’t going on. Sheets, towels and pillowcases could all be done on the weekend, when the kids can help out by stripping their beds for you.

There are ways to get organized to make laundry less of a chore and Good House Keeping has come up with seven gems to make your life a bit easier. Check it out today, as well as the many other tips and tricks they have to make your home more beautiful and to give you more time to enjoy it.

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