9 tricks for removing eyeglass scratches

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Whether you wear eyeglasses out of necessity or as a fashion statement, chances are you have encountered unsightly scratches on the lenses. These glasses are often deemed unsuitable for wearing, especially if you need them for correcting your eyesight, but an interesting thing to note is that it is possible to employ a few cleaning measures to remove the scratches from your eyeglass lenses. The TipHero lifestyle website has a list of nine tricks for cleaning eyeglass scratches, so they are less visible and allowing you to continue wearing the glasses for the long term. Each of these tricks involves products that are already located in your home, which means you won’t have to purchase anything special to get the job done. Simply take a look at the article for the full list of cleaning products you can use to remove scratches from your glasses.

As with anything, when deciding what product to use on your glasses, you should determine what the coating if on your glasses and what products will work best with it. One of the safest options in the list of nine cleaning tricks would be natural baking soda, which is an ingredient most people have in their kitchen. Baking soda gets used for all sorts of home cleaning because it is beneficial for when you need to know how to remove spots from the carpet or furniture, or when you have to remove tough stains from cookware. It is generally deemed to be one of the best cleaning products because it is safe for people if ingested. To clean your glasses, you will have to make a paste out of baking soda and water. The mixture gets rubbed in circles on the scratches and reduces their visibility.

One of the favourite products for removing scratches from glasses is another common household cleaner, Pledge, which is a series of furniture and multi-purpose cleaners. The product will supposedly fill in scratches so that they aren’t visible. The one issue with this cleaning product is that it is a toxic product, and so if you are concerned about using unsafe products in your home, you may prefer to use the more natural baking soda option. Alternatively, a mixture of vinegar and dry mustard is supposed to be as effective at buffing out scratches, although the glasses will have to be rinsed thoroughly since it can be irritating to the eyes. Another excellent option for cleaning scratches from glasses would be toothpaste, and it can be applied in a similar way to the vinegar method or baking soda. The best toothpaste would be a nonabrasive version that isn’t designed for whitening and won’t damage your eyeglass lenses.

If you have scratched lenses and are planning on getting rid of them and purchasing new ones, consider trying one of these nine tricks for reducing their visibility. In the long run, it may save you money, since you will be able to extend the life of your glasses instead of shelling money out on new lenses or a new pair of glasses. In addition, you won’t have to spend excessive amounts of money on cleaning products to remove the scratches from your lenses. For a full list of the nine tips for cleaning scratches from glasses, check out the article. Even if you don’t have baking soda or a non-abrasive toothpaste available, there should be something on the list that you have in your home already, whether it is baby oil, car wax or metal polish. Thank you to the Tip Hero lifestyle blog, for sharing their nine tips for removing scratches from eyeglasses.

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