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Every time you use your crockpot, you know to clean the bowl which comes into contact with food, but have you ever thought about the inside of the slow cooker itself? The silver-plated inside of a slow cooker shouldn’t require cleaning, but if it happens that food bubbles over, you may find the inside lined with stains. If that happens to you, Jillee, the author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog, has a simple, mostly hands-off cleaning solution to help rid your crockpot of stains. Her method of cleaning the inside of a slow cooker consists of utilising a single household cleaner and the heat of the slow cooker.

Jillee learned how to clean the inside of her slow cooker when she found that hers looked particularly stained. This isn’t a step that people think about because the inside of the slow cooker doesn’t normally come in contact with food. She uses a bowl of ammonia, which is a chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. In nature, ammonia is a naturally occurring substance but isn’t necessarily considered safe for human consumption. Ammonia is, however, a common cleaning product in many people’s homes, and is generally sold mixed with water. Cleaning ammonia will contain only five to ten percent ammonia, which makes it significantly safer for household uses. If you prefer to use non toxic cleaners, ammonia may not be ideal for you. Since the fumes from the ammonia only come in contact with the interior of crockpot rather than where your food comes in contact with, it is considered safe, however, and you shouldn’t have to employ this cleaning method very often.

On the other hand, other stain removal products exist that may be able to remove stains from a crockpot successfully. Similar to how you can loosen stains in a microwave using steam, you could try cleaning the crockpot with the same method. Simply fill a bowl with water, place it in the crockpot, turn it on and allow it to steam until the stains loosen. If you are looking for sanitising action, however, using the ammonia would be the best household cleaner in this case. Ammonia is a strong antiseptic that will get rid of any bacteria that is lingering on household surfaces. In general, it is best to use in areas, like bathrooms, where food doesn’t come in contact. In the case of a slow cooker, though, food doesn’t come in contact with the inside of the crockpot itself, and therefore, should be perfectly safe to use here.

Using ammonia to clean a crockpot is one of the most effective kitchen cleaning tips that you will see its value as soon as you try it. The ammonia will both sanitise the interior of the crockpot as well as remove the stains. You will simply need to wipe the stains off with a cloth, and they should come off easily. For more household cleaning tips, check out Jillee’s website. Thank you, Jillee, the author of One Good Thing lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on cleaning the inside of a crockpot.

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