All the Kitchen Items You're Forgetting to Clean

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Now and then it is important to give living spaces a thorough cleaning, but there are several areas that often are neglected, especially within the kitchen. Daily kitchen cleaning involves sweeping floors and wiping down counters while more extensive neatening up might extend to mopping those floors or a thorough stove and oven cleaning. Surfaces, like refrigerator door handles, cupboard handles, and the faces of appliances get missed, though, and it is important to determine what those are so you can give your kitchen the best cleaning it has had yet.

In Joe Sevier’s article on the items people forget to clean in their kitchens, he talks to a microbiologist who has a good idea of what types of germs are lurking in kitchens across North America. He states that the sponge, then the drain of the sink and cutting boards contains an extreme amount of bacteria at four hundred times more than a toilet seat. We all know that cleaning kitchen sinks are important, but the drain is not thought of because it is hidden. If you are wondering how to clean kitchen sink properly, you will have to consider cleaning the faucet aerator as well. Cleaning the faucet requires disassembling it by unscrewing the aerator so that you can clean it thoroughly. A cleaning expert, Donna Smallin Kuper, informs us that black mildew forms in faucet aerators requiring them to be cleaned regularly. Once disassembled, you can get to cleaning the aerator and reassemble the faucet.

Sink drains also require our cleaning attention, and emit unpleasant smells from food build-up after washing dishes. The best kitchen sink cleaner is one that is going to eliminate the bacteria, as well as the smell, and that is a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water. All you have to do is add baking soda to the drain and allow it to sit for ten minutes to absorb any smells and then pour in the vinegar. Next, you can run hot tap water to rinse the baking soda and vinegar solution through the drain. This method is the best way to clean the kitchen sink because it is a natural cleaning solution that will sanitize the drain and eliminate unappealing smells.

A vinegar cleaning solution is one of the best cleaning products for kitchen because it contains acetic acid, which can kill bacteria and sanitize kitchens very well. Natural kitchen cleaners are ideal for kitchens, because vinegar is safe for people to consume, and therefore safe to use in areas where food preparation occurs. The only problem with this kitchen cleaner is that most store-bought varieties of vinegar contain only five percent acetic acid, so it will kill a significant amount of bacteria, but may not get rid of all of it. Instead, look for higher strength cleaning vinegar, which will be more likely to get rid of all harmful bacteria in your kitchen. Thank you to Joe Sevier, for sharing his article at Epicurious, on ‘All the Kitchen Items You’re Forgetting to Clean’. **

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