Clean dust bunnies from a broom with this clever hack

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This is one of those diy ideas you're going to see and wonder why you never thought of before. This is a very simple cleaning tip that will make it super easy to remove all of the dust and items from the bottom of your broom once you've swept your floor. You know all of the stuff that gets accumulated at the end of the bristles of your broom? The stuff you usually reluctantly pick off with your fingers and then throw into the trash. With this simple cleaning hack, you'll never have to touch those dust bunnies or garbage again. It's so smart, yet so simple. All you need is a thick, wide toothed comb, a dust pan, and a glue gun with some glue. Take the glue gun and squeeze out a line of glue along the inside upper edge of the dust pan, right in front of the handle. Make sure the line is as long as the comb you have. Then, just take the comb while the glue is still hot and sticky, and press it into the glue holding it for 30 seconds to one minute. The comb should now be stuck to your dust pan.

Then, it's time to put it to use. Use your broom to sweep up any dust bunnies or debris on your floor and then when you're done, just comb the bristles of the broom through the wide toothed comb which will pull out any of the dust and other items that got stuck in them. After that, all of the dust and dirt will be in the dust pan to be easily thrown into the garbage. What a great idea, and you have to love that you never have to touch the dust again too. You can use your dust pan for other cleaning hacks too. If your sink isn't large enough to fit a bucket into you can create a little spout with the handle of your broom as long as its one of the hollow ones. Just hold the dust pan under the faucet and place the bucket on the floor. Then turn on the water very slowly at first and see if the water will make it into the bucket on the floor. If it doesn't make any adjustments and try again. Once you have the right placement, the water should flow out of the faucet into the flat part of the dust pan, then into the handle and out into the bucket in a nice stream of water.

If you need a quick and easy way to pick up dust bunnies but you don't feel like getting out the broom or the broom and dust pan, put on a pair of fuzzy socks and just slide your feet over the dusty areas, under your furniture and behind doors. The socks should pick up most of the obvious dust bunnies and even some of the loose dust particles and hair that you can't see too. To prevent crumbs from getting on the floor in the first place so you don't have to sweep as much, use a painter's putty knife to quickly scrape all of the crumbs on your counter into the garbage or another container to then throw into the garbage. Of course, use a new, clean putty knife for this cleaning tip. You can also keep dust and dirt at bay by not wearing your shoes in the house and by closing your windows especially when it's really windy outside. Try these diy ideas and cleaning tips and see how great they work for you.***

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