DIY mopping solution works great on tile and laminate floors!

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These days more and more people are staying away from toxic cleaners in the home. And in doing so, you are probably always looking for the best natural cleaners to use, that will leave you your house smelling fresh and clean. With that said you also want to use natural cleaners that get the job done properly, without leaving behind a lot of residues. Natural cleaners can get quite expensive, with a cleaner for everything from windows, kitchen counters to stainless steel cleaners. The good news is that you can make your own natural cleaners using diy ideas and simple ingredients, many of which you may already have. Some of the ingredients you can use for cleaning around the house include white vinegar, essential oils, borax, baking soda and castile soap. Castile soap is soap that is made from vegetable oil, rather than animal fat or synthetic detergents. Castile soap originates from the Castile region of Spain, where the soap was made from pure, local olive oil. Although olive oil is the traditional base oil for the soap, it can also be made with coconut, avocado, hemp, walnut, almond, and many other vegetable oils. Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soaps is a popular brand that is made using pure coconut, hemp, olive, and jojoba oils. The resulting soap is a concentrated and completely biodegradable liquid soap that cleans effectively, yet gently and can be used in a wide variety of ways. You will want to take a look at the site for the full list of natural cleaners and the house cleaning tips they can be used. The following are just a few of the DIY ideas you will find on the site.

1. Floor mopping natural cleaner. Use hot water and white vinegar, and alternate using hot water and two capfuls of Young Livings Thieves cleaner. Use the white vinegar one week and the next week use the Thieves cleaner.

2. Toilet bowl natural cleaner. Use a squeeze bottle that you can find at the dollar store or local department store to mix this diy idea for toilet bowl cleaner. Mix some castile soap and some water. Then squeeze the mixture around the toilet bowl and then sprinkle with some baking soda. The natural cleaner cleans, and the baking soda acts as the gentle abrasive to make it scrub.

3. Natural cleaner to use as a furniture polish and for dusting. Mix some olive oil, with four to six drops of lemon essential oil, and some water. Mix in a spray bottle and then shake the mixture before you spray. Use a lint free cloth to wipe clean.

4. Make the dishes shine by adding a cup of white vinegar to your dish washer where you would normally put the rinse agent.

Castile soap can be used for a variety of natural cleaning house cleaning tips. Make an all purpose cleaning spray using some castile soap and some warm water. You can also add in some essential oils if you'd like. Then pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle and use to clean surfaces all around your home. Use castile soap as a deterrent for ants. Use some castile soap added to some water and mix; you can also add about six to eight drops of tea tree essential oil. Spray the mixture both indoors or outdoors, wherever you see that ants have been accumulating. You will find this DIY ideas floor mopping solution on the Wholesome Mommy site. On the site, you will find all sorts of wholesome ideas from floor mopping, DIY ideas, natural cleaners, wholesome food, wholesome recipes, wholesome wellness and more. **

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