Easiest way to remove scratches from leather

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Finding scratches on your beautiful leather furniture is not a pretty sight. You might even think your furniture is ruined forever. Luckily, this has happened to other people like Marie from The Mamas Girls, and they are coming online to share their experiences and cleaning tips with us. It turns out that Marie's young son started to experiment by scratching drawings into her leather ottoman with his fingernail. She was left with some pretty bad scratches all over the ottoman, so she took to the internet to research some simple life hacks for taking care of scratches on leather furniture. Obviously, it's not ink or marker so you can't really scrub these marks out. You can't really reupholster leather furniture unless you know how to work with leather. It turns out there are some really simple life hacks for this very problem, and one of them uses simple oil to remove the scratch marks from leather. Even though many other types of oil are suggested, the one you're most likely to have in your home is olive oil. That's exactly what Marie had available at home too. Now you can use the information Marie gained through her experience and try to remove the scratches from your own furniture.

The first thing you'll need to do is determine what type of leather your piece of furniture is made out of or covered in. Check the piece for any tags, and if there are care instructions. One of the great tips Marie offers is to call the manufacturers if there is any contact information on the label. Maybe the piece is still under warranty, and they might even clean it for you or, they might have some advice for you on how to remove them. But if you got your piece second hand as Marie did, you will just have to try out these cleaning tips for yourself and see if they work for you.

Also, just be aware that this won't work on faux leather or vinyl, only on real leather. Also, just test the treatment on a hidden area first just to be sure you'll be okay with the outcome. All you need for this simple life hack is a clean cloth and some olive oil.

First, get a small amount of the olive oil on the cloth and then start rubbing the scratched areas with it in a circular motion. Don't be alarmed that the colour of the area will turn darker; it will lighten up some as it dries. If you have a really tiny scratch, you could always try using Q-tips to rub the oil in too. The scratched areas will eventually turn darker than the surrounding leather too because the scratches are soaking up the oil. Just keep rubbing the oil into the leather and blend it into the non scratched areas. Once you've really rubbed in the oil, just allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. When you check back, if the scratches are still noticeable, you can repeat all of the steps until you get the desired results. What happens is, the oil replenishes the oils in the leather which cause it to gain it's colour back. If you found this helpful make sure you share these simple life hacks with your friends so they can restore their leather furniture too. If you have larger areas to cover, you can also try using some Rit dye to re-dye the leather to its original colour. Enjoy trying this and other cleaning tips from The Mamas Girls as well as some yummy recipes and fitness information.***

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