Easy Potato Bread Recipe That Any One Can Make

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There is nothing quite like homemade bread fresh and warm out of the oven, and this easy bread recipe is just the thing. Many people have fond childhood memories of eating freshly baked potato bread, thick and moist and nothing like commercially made bread from the grocery store. This easy bread recipe uses leftover mashed potatoes or instant mashed potatoes for the recipe. This easy bread recipe makes two loaves of bread, one to eat now and one to freeze for later.

To make this easy bread recipe, you will need a large bowl, and to mix the mashed potatoes, the eggs, and butter. Stir in the sugar, the salt, yeast, and warm water. You will then need to mix in enough flour to make a dough that can be kneaded by hand. Turn the potato dough out onto a floured surface or board and knead the dough until smooth and elastic. For the full step by step tutorial for this potato bread recipe, you will want to take a look at the Spruce site. Once you bake this easy bread recipe, you will want the bread to sound hollow when you tap the top of the bread. Remove the baked bread from the loaf pans and let it cool. You can freeze the potato bread after the loaves cool completely. You can then bag and freeze the potato bread. Some tips for baking homemade read. Bread flour has a higher amount of gluten than that of all-purpose flour. This means that bread that is made with bread flour will typically rise higher than bread that is made with all-purpose flour. You can also make your own bread flour by adding in 1.5 teaspoons of gluten to each cup of the all-purpose flour that you use in your homemade bread recipe. You can substitute the egg in your homemade bread recipe with egg substitutes. Spraying the bread loaves with some water while they will produce a crispy crust. Brush loaves with egg white before baking will help to produce a shiny crust. You can also brush the bread loaves with some milk before baking to produce a dark, shiny crust. Brushing bread loaves with butter immediately after baking will help to produce a soft crust. You want to use bottled water instead of tap water to help make your bread. Water softeners and chlorinated public water can at times kill the bread yeast. It is not difficult to learn how to braid bread dough.

Potato bread is a form of bread where potato flour or potato replaces a portion of the regular wheat flour. Potato bread is cooked in a variety of ways, one of which includes baking the bread in a hot skillet, griddle or pan, or in an oven. Potato bread may be leavened or unleavened and may have a variety of other ingredients that are baked into it. The ratio of potato flour to wheat flour will vary from recipe to recipe, with some recipes having more potato flour, and others having a majority of wheat flour. Some potato bread recipes call for mashed potatoes, with others calling for dehydrated potato flakes. Potato bread is available as a commercial product in many countries, with similar variations in the ingredients, the cooking method, and the other variables. Apple potato bread is a speciality bread recipe of Armagh, Northern Ireland which is a famous region for growing apples. Apple potato bread is a potato bread that is wrapped, pastry-like, around a sweet filling of apples.

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