Fix Scratches In Wood with Household Ingredients

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Scratches on wood tables are common and inevitable with use. Jessica at 'Domestic Bliss Squared' presents an easy solution to fix scratches in wood with household ingredients, and you definitely want to take notes on this one. The website is run by Jessica and Hilary, who are sisters in law and best friends. The website offers recipes, styling advice, and of course Do-it-yourself solutions for all occasions. The magical ingredients are common kitchen ingredients such as vinegar and oil. And just clean any wooden furniture with that mix until the surfaces are smooth and shiny. The before and after pictures of her furniture are unbelievable - this magical combination works wonders!

There are other ways to clean, such as with walnuts or other wood colored nuts or event paint or crayons. But I recommend Jessica's solution because the fix stays and the mix won't deteriorate with time, unlike the nut oils. Some also suggest iodine, but why use chemicals when common cooking ingredients will do? The vinegar is great for cleaning up built up dirt and particles in the cracks and scratches. Then the olive oil that is applied is absorbed into the wood and gives it better color and moisture. Moreover, both vinegar and olive oil are natural ingredients, and thus should do no artificial damage to the wood. I think this is definitely the way to go for cleaning wood furniture.

This mixture, though the perfect solution for light colored furniture, might not work as great on darker colored ones. I have seen recommendations that say for darker colored wood; you should use something that will give off a darker color than just vinegar, for example, apple cider vinegar. Lemon juice can also be an alternative for vinegar, since they are similar in their acidic composition. And lemon juice gives off a better smell for the short time you are cleaning.For the full solution ingredients and amounts you will need to use in your mix along with the procedure of fixing scratches on wooden furniture, visit Domestic Bliss Squared website.

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