Here Is Why Mosquitoes Are Biting You More Than Everyone Else

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Ever wonder why some people are never bitten by mosquitoes while certain individuals seem to be singled out again and again? Some individuals, that is, like YOU? Well here’s a great article on why mosquitoes are biting you more than anyone else!

Whether it actually is you or your friend or your sister, there’s always someone in the crowd who gets more mosquito bites than any of the others. Is there actually a scientific reason for this? The answer is yes there is!

Studies are showing that certain “types” of people actually do attract more mosquito bites than others. Blood types, that is. The winner? Type O. If you have Type O blood then you’re probably one of those people who has a lot of trouble dealing with the outdoors. Why? Because mosquitoes love your blood! For some reason, it’s the optimum blend for their diet. And apparently, mosquitoes tend to bite those with Type O blood twice as much as those with Type A. Lucky you, you’ve got yummy blood!

Mosquitoes are also really keen on blood with lots of carbon dioxide – they prefer it to oxygen-rich blood, so for those who have higher amounts of C02 in their blood, you might want to stock up on some more citronella! Who has more carbon dioxide in their blood? Well, shallow breathers as well as overweight folks and pregnant women. If you never had mosquito issues before you gained weight or got pregnant, then this could possibly be the reason.

Also, there are some people who just aren’t as sensitive to mosquito saliva, and therefore don’t suffer from the bites as much. They may very well be getting bitten, but they don’t really feel it! Must be nice, huh?

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