Homemade Carpet Powder

Photo Credit: Mrs. Happy Homemaker

When you make cleaning agents from scratch, you can really save a bundle. Although it is unlikely that they will have the same cleansing power for tough jobs that is offered in commercial chemical blends, this Homemade Carpet Powder will give you great results on straightforward cleaning jobs. The great thing about making these blends yourself is that you know what you are putting on and in to the carpet. So if you pets sticking their noses in to the carpet, or kids sitting and playing on the carpet, you can feel better knowing what it is that they may be soaking in, whether by breathing it in the air, or by touching it with their little hands and feet.

There are plenty of cleaning agents that can be made from scratch. Some useful ingredients to keep handy for cleaning jobs include baking soda, vinegar, clear soda pop or plain soda and some essential oils that you like (plenty suggest orange essential oil, but choose one that you and your family enjoy). These basic and simple ingredients can clean and clean out, just about every thing you could think of. So before you rush out and buy a cleanser that can cost several dollars or more, google your mess problem and see what home made solutions arise. You will be glad you did. Not only will you save money, but you will also keep chemicals out of the house.

Home made carpet powder is one of many home brew cleaning solutions. They keep the chemicals out of your house, and may help you feel better about what you are breathing in your home, and what the kids might be playing on, in the house. Try the recipe soon. It takes only minutes to make, and is cheap and easy, too. Get the kids to help you put it together, and make the whole process a teaching moment for every one!

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