Homemade Window Cleaner: Just Like Windex 11

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You can make your own homemade window cleaner just Like Windex 11. These two window cleaning solutions use simple ingredients that you probably already have at home. The first window cleaning solution is very simple. It only has a few ingredients, along with a spray bottle. You will need water, 1/2tsp liquid dish soap, and white distilled vinegar. You'll need to put all the ingredients in an empty spray bottle and shake. Using a funnel to add the ingredients makes it a little easier. This window cleaner solution claims to work exactly like Windex. There were no streaks on the windows, and it cleaned perfectly. I also used it on some pretty dirty mirrors and got the same result. It has a light using when you spray but does not hinder the way you use it. It The window cleaning spray has a light vinegar scent which doesn't smell bad at all. The second window cleaner mix is also easier and just has a couple of more ingredients. You will need warm water, white distilled vinegar, rubbing alcohol, cornstarch, and a spray bottle. To make you start by adding the cornstarch into the cool vinegar ahead of time and then adding it to the warm water. Shake as soon as you add the cornstarch so it won't clump. This window cleaner solution also claims to work just like Windex. The second window cleaner solution is the best window cleaner of the two mixtures. This window cleaner did work better on the outside grimy windows so it might be a bit stronger than the first recipe. The cornstarch gives this spray a scrubbing effect. The smell of the second window cleaner solution is a bit stronger with the vinegar and rubbing alcohol combined.

White distilled vinegar is made from soured fruit juice, grain or wine and contains about five percent acetic acid, which makes vinegar a mild acid. The disinfectant properties of vinegar work well for all sorts of household cleaning projects. Vinegar is effective at cutting grease, removing stains, and as a water softener. Vinegar can also be used to dissolve mineral deposits, removing traces of soap, grease, removing mildew or wax build up, polishing some metals and as deodorizers. Vinegar can clean brick or stone, and can be used as an ingredient in some natural carpet cleaning solutions. White distilled vinegar is typically used in a cleaning solution mixed with water, but can also be used straight in a spray bottle.

Cornstarch is derived from corn, and can be used as a window cleaner, to polish furniture, to shampoo carpets and rugs, to absorb oil and grease and starch clothes. Cornstarch is just one of the nontoxic, all natural cleaners you can use around your house and not worry about it being toxic. You can use cornstarch to clean wood furniture without the buildup that some cleaners leave behind. Cornstarch will also help to buff away buildup from other cleaners by using equal parts cornstarch and water to buff away marks.

Cornstarch works for streak free windows by simply adding a tablespoon to a bottle of your favorite window cleaner. The cornstarch will help to make window cleaning easier and leave windows streak-free. You can also use cornstarch to naturally polish silver. Simply combine cornstarch and water and use for polishing your silver. This window cleaning tip for homemade window cleaner just like Windex is just one thing you will find on the Cuckoo for Coupons site. On this site, you will find all sorts of window cleaner ideas, cleaning tips, coupon deals, freebies, coupons and so much more. *

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