How Often Do You Wash...Your Pillows?

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

So here’s a question to ponder: how often do you wash . . . your pillows? Pillows can be something we frequently ignore or overlook. Often it is because we have so many other chores that this one just get missed. Or, we think that it is only our head that is on the pillow, so how dirty can it get? We might think, well, it is covered with at least a pillow case, and often a dust cover that zips closed under the pillow case. So if I am washing those two things, do I need to wash my pillow as well? The answer is, in short, yup.

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So today, Good House Keeping is tackling the subject of pillows, one that we often don’t think too much about. But pillows are important. We put them under our heads each night, after all. Pillows are quite different, too, with natural fibers or synthetics. Each of these products needs to be treated quite differently, and cleaned using different techniques and products. Head to the website to learn more.

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