How to clean a smelly mattress in 5 minutes

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As you're changing the sheets on your bed, do you ever notice some of the stains that are on it? Usually, these will be sweat stains, or if you're changing your kid's sheets, you may notice some pee stains from accidents they may have. Other times there won't be stains, but your mattress will smell really bad, and you won't be completely sure why. It can be all of the accumulated sweat and body odour in the mattress which means you need to deep clean your mattress. With this cleaning tutorial, you'll learn how to make an all natural mattress cleaner and how to deep clean a mattress the easy and natural way. All you need is some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and some dish soap. Mix together 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 drop dish soap. This mattress cleaner is meant to be used right away and won't store well so make sure you use it immediately after you make it. It won't explode or anything, but it won't be as effective as it is right after you mix it up. Once you have your mattress cleaner all mixed up, put it into a spray bottle to use.

Remove all of the sheets and mattress cover from the bed, and then spray the entire bed with the mattress cleaner you made. Saturate the areas where the stains are even more to remove them completely from the mattress. Then, take a cleaning brush and scrub the areas where the stains are to remove them from the mattress. If you have stubborn stains, spray more of the cleaning solution on them and scrub some more. You can then allow the solution to sit on the mattress for about 30 minutes or an hour or until it's dry and then vacuum up the dried up baking soda from the mattress with your vacuum and a non-motorized attachment. Using a motorized attachment could wreck the fabric of the mattress and pull out threads too. Once your mattress has dried and is vacuumed off, you can then put your sheets back on as usual. You'll notice how much fresher the mattress smells and how much cleaner it looks after this cleaning trick. It may also help to clean your mattress of mites and dust as well which is something that can age a mattress significantly.

Do this cleaning routine as much as you need to, some people like to do it once a month or sometimes every three to six months. You can also do this if one of your kids has an accident on their bed right after it happens or the morning after when you're more awake. That way it doesn't matter if the urine sits on the mattress overnight, the stain will come out with this great natural mattress cleaner. To keep your mattress in good shape, it's also great to have a high-quality mattress cover which will protect your mattress from sweat and other stains as well as from mites and dust. You can get these mattress covers at any mattress store or home goods store, and you can find a variety of styles and types of mattress cover depending on your budget and your needs. Another thing you can do to keep your mattress in good shape for longer is to flip it over once every few months, or if you have a pillow top mattress, just rotate it. You should also replace your mattress every 5-10 years depending on the type and the quality. Try out this tutorial on how to deep clean a mattress and see how it works for you.***

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