How to Clean Buttons Zippers and Fasteners on Your Clothing and Accessories

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Would you like to know How to Clean Buttons, Zippers, and Fasteners on Your Clothing and Accessories?You may have found some fabulous vintage clothing. Perhaps the buttons are made from real mother of pearl and not plastic. You may have a belt buckle that because it is a favorite that you have had for years, it could use a good cleaning.

We are going to share with you some sensible, safe cleaning tips on how to clean a variety of types of buttons, zippers, and your belt buckles. Let us talk first about zippers. Cleaning your zipper is not so much about appearance as zippers are most often not that visible. The reason to clean zippers is because they can get sticky. In truth in all my years, I never even considered cleaning a zipper. When my zippers get stuck, I just assume they are faulty and soon going to break. What we learn from the Cleanipedia website is that zippers, if cleaned, will likely not stick so often. They also say that a stuck zipper has a hope of being fixed. No doubt you are going to want to know the solution to this.

In regards to your belt buckles, there are a variety of materials that go into making a buckle. Some are just cheap metals, and others are made of brass. You will learn the techniques for both and to give you a hint, ketchup is involved.

As for buttons, there are three categories, plastic, brass and mother of pearl that will all be addressed. Each type has a method that will be effective and all of them use common household ingredients. To know more please visit the Cleanipedia website.

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