How to Clean Grout Lines Using Chemical-Free Products

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If you have any tile in your home you may be interested to find out How to Clean Grout Lines Using Chemical-Free Products. When it comes to cleaning bathroom floor tiles or kitchen tiles, or tiles you have anywhere in your home, you probably resort to using chemical cleaners and lots of elbow grease to get up the dirt and stains from your tiles. Usually the cleaners we use come from the grocery store, and they are filled with chemicals that are not good for us or the environment. More people are choosing to make the switch from chemical cleaners to natural house cleaners made with all natural, organic ingredients that are okay for humans, pets, and the earth. Think of the chemicals you use to clean your toilet and shower for example, they all wash down the drain and go into our water ways and pollute our earth. Using natural cleaners that you can make yourself at home will be a better option, or purchasing some safe pre made products that you have researched and know don't contain any harmful ingredients.

There are also some cleaners that are labeled as natural house cleaners, but they actually have bad ingredients in them. Environmental Working Group, an organization dedicated to bringing us the best and latest information on healthy and natural products, did some research and found out the truth when it comes to labelling natural products. What they found was very interesting. The thing is, cleaning products are not required by law to include a list of ingredients on their labels. So even if there are some ingredients mentioned, there might be some more hazardous ones they are not mentioning. The chemicals used in the products can be very harmful to human health and can give people allergic reactions and even rashes. Its not safe that people don't know exactly what is in their cleaning products, so there is an initiative to pass a bill that requires all companies to disclose the exact ingredients in a bottle of household cleaner. There are states that have already banned products that contain phosphates since they pollute the water. EWG has compiled a list of their reviewed natural cleaners and share which ones are best for you to purchase. By purchasing these safe products, you will have no doubt in your mind that you are helping to keep your family and the environment healthy and happy.

The other thing you can do is make your own natural cleaners. This tutorial from Fab Art DIY's website teaches us how to make a great grout cleaner that will come in handy for cleaning bathroom floor tiles and the grout of any other tiled floors or surfaces you may have. Most homemade natural house cleaners consist of vinegar, water, baking soda, and sometimes essential oils like lemon, lime, or orange. They can be made very affordably and they are completely safe and actually very effective in cleaning your home. Try out the recipe on Fab Art DIY and see how well it works.***

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