How to clean plastic chopping board at home

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Plastic cutting boards are a favourite in kitchens because they are inexpensive. Another perceived benefit is that they are nonporous, and therefore, don’t breed bacteria as easily as wooden cutting boards do. The one issue with plastic cutting boards is that they get stained very easily with whatever you use on them, from meat juices to green herbs or red beets. A good preventative measure would be that whenever you are cutting something that may stain the board, especially beets, cover the board with plastic wrap to limit the leaching of juices. This may not entirely prevent staining on the cutting board, but it will limit the need for scrubbing during cleaning. When you have a cutting board that is particularly stained, there are ways to clean the stains with ease, though. The Crazy Indian Hacker video blog shows their process of cleaning a plastic cutting board using a few household ingredients. Plus, their cleaning method is easy enough to accomplish daily if necessary.

One ingredient that this cleaning video relies on is natural baking soda. Baking soda is such an ideal cleaning product because it is safe to humans since it is included in cooking and baking recipes. Besides being an effective leavener in baking, baking soda also has the propensity to eliminate unappealing odours in the home, which is why people often leave open boxes of it in their refrigerators. Other effective uses of baking soda are in removing stains from various kitchen and bakeware because it can cut through stains easily. When baking soda and water are combined, they form a foaming mixture that reacts with the stains they are applied to making them easier to cut through. In the case of this video, baking soda is dusted on a very dirty cutting board and lime juice from a lime halve is squeezed over the top. The video blogger uses the lime halves to rub the juices all over the cutting board to make a paste and continues rubbing until the paste covers the entire board. Once that happens, the board is allowed to sit for ten minutes, for the chemical reaction to occur. Although water is effective in combination with baking soda, an acidic ingredient like lime, lemon or vinegar, works even better, because their acidic natures have sanitising properties as well. In the case of cleaning a plastic cutting board, lemon juice or vinegar will work just as well as the lime juice. Once you have followed through the steps of cleaning your cutting board, the video even shows you how to clean the kitchen sink with the residual product.

This natural cleaning method is wonderful because it uses non toxic cleaners that are safe for both people and the environment. Moreover, the addition of apple cider vinegar should make this cleaning mixture incredibly sanitising and effective, due to the high acid content. If you would like even more sanitising action, though, consider substituting with a cleaning vinegar, which has an even higher acid content, or washing the cutting board afterwards with your favourite liquid dish soap.

If you have plastic cutting boards in your kitchen, these cleaning tips will be excellent for returning them to their bright colour. The combination of baking soda, lime juice and water will help remove the stains while killing bacteria on the surface. For even more assuredness, a final wash with dish soap in the sink or a run through the dish washer is recommended, since lime juice may not kill enough of the bacteria to make the cutting board fully safe. Thank you to The Indian Hacker video blog, for sharing their steps on how to clean a plastic chopping board at home.

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