How to Clean Uncleanable Burnt Pans

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We have all had the unfortunate occurrence of food burning onto our pots and pans. So here is a great tutorial on How to Clean Uncleanable Burnt Pans. You may think that when some rice gets burned onto the bottom of your pot, or meat gets charred and stuck to the bottom of a pan that it will be uncleanable and really hard to get all of the burned on gunk off of the pan. But don't lose hope yet because there are ways that you can clean that burned on mess off of your pans and the people over at Wonder How To are going to teach us the best way to clean pots and pans. Lets face it, we use our pots and pans everyday almost depending on what we are cooking up. Some pans are easier to keep clean than others, like teflon pans for example are very easy to keep fairly clean. But other pans seem to have things stick to them more if you don't know how to use them, like stainless steel or cast iron. It is best to learn how to clean pots and pans of all types when you own a variety of pots and pans, but this article from Wonder How To does a pretty good job of sharing how to remove stains from pots and pans of different types.

The best way to clean pots and pans that have burned on foods on them, is to make sure you soak them in hot water for as long as possible. You can add some dishwashing detergent if you like, and if they are not cast iron pans, but if they are cast iron, its best to not use soap on them. For cast iron you can actually use oil to clean the pans. The oil will help to remove any burned on food that has accumulated on the pan by softening it to loosen, just like the hot water works on the other pans. The hot water works to heat and loosen the food particles that have been left behind on the pots and pans, making it easier to clean them thoroughly. You can also use some all natural cleaner made from baking soda that will act as a gentle powder cleanser that won't scratch your pots and pans. You don't want to scratch your pots and pans because then food will be able to stick to the places where the pan is scratched, as well as stay in the scratches and accumulate bacteria. So it is best to use either a scouring pad or a gentle brush when trying to get food off of the pan then using a sharp scraper.

One of the tips on how to clean pots and pans even recommends using sugar cubes to get the burns off of the bottom of the pans which would be interesting to try. Its so great that there are so many all natural cleaning methods being shared these days. Many people are trying to get away from using chemical cleaners because of the adverse effects that the chemicals can have. Some chemical cleaners can actually off gas into the food we cook which can be toxic to us. So this alone is a big reason not to use chemicals when cleaning your kitchen pots and pans. Other reasons we like to use all natural cleaners over chemical cleaners is because they are not as harmful to the environment. We have to remember that everything we put down our drains ends up in a water way so using all natural products is much safer.*

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