How to Make Glass Shine WITHOUT Cleaner

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Are you tired of having smudges on your mirrors, windows, glass tables and stainless steel appliances? Paper towels are not the best, since they leave behind lint and streaks, sometimes even a nasty film. This writer on Clean Link, shares that the best thing to use is microfiber cloths and just straight up water. Make sure you get the micro fibre cloths that are specifically for glass though too as they have different weaves to them and will clean your glass better than the regular micro fibre cloth.

Micro fibre cloths have recently in the last several years, been gaining popularity in North America, coming to us from Europe where they were invented. The reason they are called micro fibre cloths is because they are literally made out of micro fibres of polyester and nylon synthetic fabrics. These minute fibres are what make these cloths able to clean so well, because they get into the places that other cloths can't reach. Their tiny fibres make it into little crevices that we don't even know were there! What else is nice is that micro fibre can clean without all of the chemicals we normally use. It picks up bacteria and germs like no other fabric can, and it is super efficient because of it's absorbency.

That is why it makes the perfect cloth to clean glass, mirrors, or even stainless steel, without the use of cleaners! Saving you money and saving the environment from harsh pollutants. The micro fibre doesn't smear the dirt and oil around on the surface like a paper towel or other kind of material would, it attracts the oil and dirt to it removing it entirely, without smearing it around. These cloths are awesome and help your home sparkle and shine!

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