How to make homemade grease cleaner

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There are so many cleaning jobs in the home that require a heavy duty cleaner. The sad part is, most of the degreasers are made with chemicals and toxic ingredients. Some of them include ammonia which can be painful to breathe in. If you've been trying to go all natural with your cleaners, you may be in need of a heavy duty natural cleaner that can get the job done just as effectively but with no toxic chemicals included. You're in luck because 101 Days Of Organization has shared with us a great recipe for a diy natural grease cleaner. There are absolutely no chemicals at all in this cleaner yet it is just as powerful as the chemical stuff. Plus, it smells way better too. You can use this degreaser on sticky countertops, grease covered cabinet doors, and of course in the greasiest place of all your stove and oven. You may even have all of the ingredients at home already too. Natural cleaners like white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap are things that everyone tends to have in their kitchen already. If you don't have these items already, they are very affordable to purchase at your local grocery store. Once you have these cleaners you'll be able to make so many different home made cleaning products including this one.

For this cleaner, you'll need some distilled water which will make your product better and it will make it last longer too. Then you need some Castile soap which is a popular alternative for other types of soap. It's very gentle and you don't need much of it to get the job done. It can cut through grease and grime so well, but it's also gentle enough to use on your skin. There are many types of Castile soap out there, but one of the most popular brands is Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap which you can get in several different scents like almond, rose, orange and tea tree. The Castile soap is what will help to break down the grease to bring you the deep clean you're looking for. The last thing to go into the cleaner is some orange essential oil. Since orange is a citrus fruit, it has all of the degreasing benefits you need. Citric acid is another well known natural cleaner that breaks down grease and even hard water deposits. You can also use lemon essential oil or a mixture of orange, lemon and grapefruit for a very nice citrus scent and even more cleaning power. could be used instead of orange. Just make sure that whenever you're using any essential oils that they are 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, so no artificial scents should be used.

When you have all of your ingredients ready to go, to a clean, empty spray bottle add one and three quarters of a cup of the distilled water, 2 tablespoons of the Castile soap in whatever scent you prefer or even unscented, and then 20 drops of your preferred citrus essential oil. Once the ingredients are all in your spray bottle, shake it up really good to mix everything together and your degreaser is ready to go. To use it, simply spray it wherever you need to and let it sit if you need some deep cleaning action. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth. The product works great and it will also make your house smell awesome every time you use it. You can make this degreaser and other home made cleaning products with your natural ingredients to make your home a chemical free zone.***

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