How to Make Homemade Windex

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Is there a natural way to make Windex spray? Yes, there is, and you can do it yourself at home using all-natural ingredients. Here’s how to make homemade Windex in your kitchen. We’re all looking for more natural ways to clean our homes these days, and green cleaning is becoming more and more mainstream as time goes by. This is a good thing. The reasons for switching to DIY eco friendly cleaning products are many, but three of the most common ones are health, money, and taking better care of the environment. When we use homemade green cleaning products in our homes, we’re doing the entire planet a favour because it’s able to easily assimilate these products into the air, water, and earth.

Although switching to homemade cleaning products might seem difficult at first, you’ll soon find out just how easy it is, and you’ll enjoy the new results. If you still feel attached to some of the old commercial cleaners you’ve been using, you’ll be relieved to know you can replicate many of them using ingredients from your own laundry room, medicine chest, and pantry. These homemade natural cleaner recipes are so simple that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try them. Take Windex, for example. If you’ve ever had to clean glass, windows, mirrors, or other shiny surfaces, you’ve probably used Windex, and you were probably very satisfied with how well it worked. According to the Windex website, Windex has been America’s top glass cleaner for more than seventy-five years. However, there’s a natural way to make Windex at home, and you will know exactly what ingredients you’ve put into it. Making your own homemade glass cleaner will also save you a great deal of money in the long run. A supply can last from several weeks to months to even years, depending on how much you make at a time.

No matter what kind of glass cleaner you use to clean your windows, you will also want to learn how to properly clean them. According to housecleaning experts, the best way to clean your windows is with newspaper rather than with paper towel, other disposables, or cloths. When you use newspaper to clean your windows, you’re repurposing the newspaper, and in a way, recycling it. Cleaning your windows with newspapers will leave them streak-free, which is not usually the case when you use paper towel, rags, or even microfiber. It will also save you money on the laundry bill. How to use newspapers to clean your windows? First of all, collect everything you will need, including a spray bottle with your natural homemade glass cleaner inside it, a small bowl of your natural cleaner, and your newspapers. First, spray the windows with a few squirts of the cleaner, making sure the area becomes moist. Give your homemade cleaner a few minutes to work its magic, loosening the dirt. Next, start rubbing the window with the newspaper, cleaning in a circular pattern. Dip your newspaper into the bowl of natural cleaning solution, if need be, to help loosen those stubborn bits of dirt. After wiping the glass in circles, switch to a vertical motion. At this point, you might want to get a fresh newspaper. Once this is complete, switch to a horizontal motion. Continue wiping until your windows are bright, clean, and streak-free.

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