How to Make Reusable Fridge Liners

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This diy tutorial is an inexpensive way to make reusable, easy to make, washable refrigerator liners that will keep your refrigerator cleaner. This earth friendly tip for the diy fridge liners eco-friendly PUL fabric. This is a great way to use up any of the PUL fabric that you may have lying around if you have ever made your own cloth diapers. This kitchen hack for refrigerator liners will help to make clean up of your refrigerator fast and easy. A good idea for this DIY project is to have two set made so you can switch them out when it comes to fridge cleaning day. PUL Fabric is a type of fabric that is laminated. The letters PUL stand for Polyurethane Laminate. You can pronounce each letter separately or simply call it pull fabric. As the fabric is laminated it is waterproof, so it can be used for the outside of cloth diapers and diaper covers.

Some people line there refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap for easy kitchen clean up, but it isn't very eco friendly, whereas the PUL fabric idea is something that can be used again and again. This is an excellent idea for catching spills and more. The nice thing about these diy liners is that you can use whatever design of PUL fabric you like, so you might find something with a pattern that you or the kids like. The darker the fabric, the darker it will make your fridge, so if you prefer your fridge to be a bit brighter inside go for lighter colored fabrics. You will want to take a look at the short diy video tutorial for these easy to make liners. There is both sew and no sew options to make that are easy to do and require minimal tools. You can also wipe down the PUL fabric when needed, so you don't always have to be washing the liners in the washer. These diy liners also can go in the dryer when cleaned. side would "stick" a bit to the bottom of the shelf, similar to plastic wrap. This is a diy project that you will wonder how you lived without, as refrigerators can get dirty so quickly. The liners won't cost you a lot to make especially if you already have some leftover fabric, and they will save you plenty of time in the long run. Do it yourself projects can be found on television shows, in books, online websites, and in magazines. Do it yourself and diy projects are a great way to save money, take on a project that you love and build something that you can't find at the store.

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