How to make scented vinegar for cleaning

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Store-bought cleaning products contain so many chemicals, which are deemed unsafe for people and the environment, but when you are in need of sanitising your home, it is challenging to know where else to turn. Luckily, Bren, the author of Bren Did lifestyle blog, has the answer for what you use to clean your home when you want to use products that are safe for you and the environment. She has created scented vinegar cleaning products that are ideal for cleaning anywhere in the home from the microwave to the floors and windows. This homemade cleaning product uses items you probably already have, and it will make you repurpose ingredients that might otherwise go to waste.

Bren’s vinegar-based cleaning solution is one of the best natural cleaners because it is safe for your family and pets. When it comes to house cleaning tips, there is almost nothing more important than making certain your home is sanitised and safe for everyone; otherwise there is no point. Using vinegar in homemade products is very common now because vinegar is recognised for its ability to sanitise and reduce bacteria growth in the home. Various companies are even selling vinegar specific to cleaning purposes because a higher acidity level is most beneficial in sanitising the home. While cooking vinegar will include around a five percent level of acetic acid, cleaning vinegar will have a higher acetic acid level. Even so, however, a five percent vinegar can kill listeria, salmonella, and other bacteria. For this reason, any vinegar should work well when following Bren’s household cleaning tips.

The one issue with using vinegar for cleaning the home is that it has a strong smell. If you are into living green and appreciate natural products to clean your home, you are probably willing to live with this, but Bren has an excellent idea for how to make her homemade vinegar-based cleaner better smelling. Rather than relying simply on the sanitising action of vinegar, she incorporates leftover citrus and herbs, which add a clean, refreshing scent. If you have leftover citrus in the refrigerator, you can use the peels for the vinegar. The oils in the peels will infuse into the vinegar and provide a refreshing smell. Leftover herbs are excellent additions, too, especially since they can go bad quickly. The rule for this recipe is that the longer you allow the materials to infuse into the vinegar, the fresher it will smell.

If you love interesting clean house tips, then this homemade cleaning product is one to use. This mixture can be employed anywhere you need to sanitise, whether it be to steam clean your microwave or remove hard water stains on faucets and drains. For more information on how to use the vinegar-based solution, check out Bren’s website, where she explains how to mix her product for various tasks. Thank you to Bren, the author of Bren Did lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on how to make scented vinegar for cleaning.

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