How to make your home look cleaner in 10 minutes

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When it comes to cleaning the house, there are a whole lot of things to do. But there are ways that you can get the house looking clean in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee, which can come in handy, especially if you find out guests are on their way over. You'll want to take a look at this step by step minute by minute list of house cleaning tips that will get your house looking clean in ten minutes. The following are just some of the things to get you started.

10 minutes. Start in the kitchen. The kitchen is the place that you will want to start. It's usually the place where you will need to put things away to get you started. Clear the draining board and put away any clutter in a kitchen cupboard or drawer. Hide any dirty dishes into the dishwasher or put in a bowl to store under the sink. You can get to the dishes later after everyone has left. Put any food away in the fridge or kitchen cabinets.

9 minutes. Sweep away any crumbs into the garbage bin and quickly wipe the worktops with a damp cloth. And give the kitchen countertops a quick wipe down with a natural cleaner that smells nice, this will also leave the house smelling fresh and clean. Put the dirty tea towel into the washing machine and replace it with a fresh one.

8 minutes. In the living room, you'll want to straighten up the cushions, puff them up, fold any blankets or throws and place them over the sofa back, arm or anywhere else that you want to hide a stain.

7 minutes house cleaning tips. De-clutter the living room by putting any newspapers, letters or random bits and objects into a laundry basket. Stack any magazines and books into neat piles and put any gadgets next to the television or away in a cupboard.

6 minutes. The living room is most likely the place where your guests will be hanging out, so think about where their eyes might fall. Wipe any dust and marks from the coffee table, and other living room surfaces with a clean damp cloth. Or you can use a natural cleaner spray such as something with lemons or oranges for the house to smell clean and fresh.

5 minutes house cleaning tips. Give the bathroom on the main floor a quick clean. Whiz around the toilet rim with bleach and flush. Hide any dirty bath towels or bath mats in the tub behind the shower curtain.

4 minutes. Take a damp cloth or natural cleaner and wipe down the bathroom mirror to remove any toothpaste marks, then wipe clean the bathroom sink and taps. Finish this house cleaning tip by hanging up a fresh hand towel.

3 to 2 minutes house cleaning tips. If you see any obvious dog hair or dust lying around quickly, vacuum them up or use a dustpan and clean. If you see only see a few pieces of paper or dust, you can pick them up instead of vacuuming. If you have any natural room sprays, you can give the house a quick spray at this point, as one of the final touches. For the full list of house cleaning tips and DIY ideas to get your house looking clean in ten minutes you will want to take a look at the Tesco Living site. You will find these house cleaning tips on the Tesco Living site. On the site you will find house cleaning tips, how to make your life easier, diy ideas, saving money, life hacks, garden, health and well being and more. **

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