How to make your old towels like new

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Over time, our towels and linens just don't look or feel the same. You might find that your towels aren't as fluffy as they maybe used to be, or that they have a funky odour. You might even be tempted to toss them out or use them as rags for messy projects especially after you've tried washing them a few times and they still look, feel and smell bad. The thing is, washing them is actually what causes them to loose their fluff. It's actually because the laundry detergent and fabric softener you're using to wash them causes buildup. Over time, the laundry detergent collects on the fibres of the towels which will mat them down. It's just like how shampoo and other hair products can create build up on your hair causing it to look flatter with less volume than before. So you would usually use a clarifying shampoo to take cleanse the build up off of your hair so that it gets it's natural volume back. This cleaning tip uses the same idea, making a cleansing vinegar rinse to clear out all of the old build up from the laundry detergents to refresh your towels. The other issue with old towels is that they can get mildew on them over time. That's what gives them that musty smell that seems impossible to get rid of. But this cleaning solution will not only spruce up the fluffiness of your towels, it will also take care of any odours lingering in them.

So for this cleaning trick, you'll need your old towels of course. Gather all of your oldest towels to give them all a good cleaning. Then you'll also need white distilled vinegar, baking soda and water. Set your washing machine to the hottest water setting and then send your towels through a full cycle with just a cup of the vinegar. Don't add any laundry detergent in this time you wash them. When they're done washing the first time, leave them in the machine to run them through a second cycle. This time you'll add in half a cup of baking soda. Then, when the second cycle is done, just throw them in your dryer and dry on high heat as you usually would when you're washing your towels. One of the cleaning tips from Passion For Savings is to make sure your towels are also completely dry before you take them out of the dryer. If your towels are moist, this moisture can cause the mildew to start growing which is what makes the smell so bad.

You can also do this cleaning trick with face cloths as well which can also become pretty smelly after a while. Or even on your dish towels as well. This is one of those cleaning tips you will use once a month or whenever your towels start to smell a little funky or start to loose their fluff. You don't want to do this each time you wash them. If your washing machine is the issue and you're not getting a good enough rinse cycle, you might have laundry detergent build up in your washing machine. You can also do a vinegar rinse in your washing machine to clean your machine, so it works more efficiently. Just get one cup of white vinegar and pour it in the soap dispenser. Then run your washing machine through on the hottest setting to kill any mould, mildew and bacteria. The vinegar will also disinfect the machine too. When you open your machine it will smell way better and the next time you do a load of laundry it should wash up better too.***

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