How to remove black mold with a few natural ingredients

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People are becoming increasingly aware of just how toxic black mould can be and the reasons we should get it out of our homes. While a small amount of mould is very fixable, if the mould has gotten out of control, it can pose health risks to you and your family. The dangers of mould in your home can be serious, so it's important to become educated about mould and how to get rid of it if you find it in your home. There are some forms of mould that are non-toxic, but black mould is more harmful. The mould strain known as Stachybotrys chartarum can cause respiratory issues in people that were exposed to overtime. Which is why it's so important to take care of it right away. Mould grows at a very fast rate in the right conditions. Mould grows in the first place because of high humidity levels within your home. This can be because of high humidity levels in the place you live or because of poor ventilation issues in your house. The best thing to do is to prevent mould from finding a place to hide and flourish which is in moist, dark places. Think of places like your bathroom, or even in your kitchen. It can also grow in your bedroom especially if you don't have the proper circulation under your mattress.

So to prevent mould from growing in the first place requires you to get rid of the humidity in the home. So you can get a dehumidifier to take the humidity out of the air, or you can make sure that you run your extraction fan every time you have a shower. Also, wood burning fireplaces help dehumidify your place too. If you do happen to come across mould in your home, you can have a licensed mould inspector come and take a look at your house and assess the severity and what you should do about it. It's also wise to hire a mould-removal specialist if you have black mould in your walls or other hard to reach places that require special equipment. If the mould problem is in a place that you can easily access like in your bathroom on the walls, floor and ceiling, then you should be able to take care of it no problem. Bob Villa has some great advice on his website on some cleaning tips for how to remove mould from your house using natural cleaners.

He's found that tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract to be the most effective natural cleaners for killing and cleaning mould. These two natural cleaners disinfect and deodorize the area with mould, and they are totally non-toxic.

For every one cup of water, add a teaspoon of either tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract. Fill a spray bottle with the cleaner and keep the spray nozzle closed when you're not using it. This way the spray will stay good for at least one year. Make sure you wear protection like safety glasses or goggles, gloves and a mask to help protect you from the mould spores which can be very toxic. Once you're ready to clean, all you need to do is shake up the ingredients and spray it on the mould infested area. Allow it to sit on the mould for 10 minutes to kill the mould and then use a brush and scrub the area. Just be careful when you're scrubbing so as not to splash the mould spores onto the other surfaces. Bob Villa also recommends not to rinse the area with water after so that the cleaner can remain in place to prevent mould from returning. Try out these cleaning tips and get rid of any mould in your home.***

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