How to Steam Clean a Microwave Oven Quickly and Easily

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For millions of people, their microwave oven is their very best friend, and it gets grimy with food splatters and boil-overs. We have a great article on How to Steam Clean a Microwave Oven Quickly and Easily.

Microwaves have made cooking and especially warming up food a thing easy and quick. Microwave ovens are found in most places of work in their staff kitchens, and University students often share a microwave oven as well. With so many people using them, they get pretty smelly with the variety of foods that get pumped through them, and you can be sure, they are not getting wiped down when there is a splattered mess.I remember one place I worked at, the microwave oven got so splattered, I didn't even want to put my food in there to heat it! The smell too, was not very nice, and yes it did get washed out but not daily and with a tip like this, there is no reason why it could not have been cleaned!

With home use, it is obviously easier to stay on top of cleaning your microwave, and if you knew of a way that is effective and makes the job easier, would you not want to use it? Ignoring the splatters in the microwave is not only visually unappealing, it is a breeder of bacteria. If there is one thing, you do not want it is food bacteria, in the vessel that you are putting more fresh food into!

The method we are sharing here is 'steam cleaning the inside'. It simply requires a microwave safe bowl, a lemon and some water. The lemon will help to get rid of the bad smells in the microwave. You will be able to see pictures of the process and the time needed when you visit the 'Apartment Therapy' website at the link just below.

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