How to Strip and Wax Your Floors

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This tip is on how to strip and wax your floors. This really brings back childhood memories for me. I remember watching the process of floor waxing and polishing days when my mother would get on her hands and knees with a 'wax on cloth' and patiently wax the entire old square lino-flooring. Back in those days, you wanted to wax them as they certainly were not like the flooring today and to make them look good this was part of the process. I was just a very little girl at the time.

Once the wax sat for its recommended amount of time, mother would bring out the 'polishing' machine which was this electric upright machine with two disks on the bottom that had felt on them. There was a little light that shone on the floor in front, and you could hear it whirring away as she dutifully made the floors all nice and shiny again.

Women had such amazingly high work ethics, and their homes were a very clean place they were proud of. Likely because they were from a generation where they were so grateful to have a home and so proud of keeping it spic and span! Not saying people of today are not every bit at grateful, but everything was so much work 'back then', like the wringer washing machines, and hanging the clothes on the line, and hand sewing our clothes. We were just your average middle-class family, but back in the 50's and 60's women were just programmed a little differently. My mother even ironed the tea towels and the bedding. We have learned a lot of skills from these super-mother-grandmother's on how to do things.

This article about stripping the wax off the floors is the process that needs to happen occasionally as the floors do get wax build up. For those of you that have stunning hardwood flooring or the type of lino's that need to be waxed, this is just something that needs doing as well.

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