Make Your Own Toilet Cleaning Bombs

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Make Your Own Toilet Cleaning Bombs with this great recipe from the website, Mom 4 Real. It will save you lots of money and also time, once you have made them. Some of the new ways to clean your home and clothes are so terrific, but they can really add up. And sometimes it is just hard to justify the kind of money you could spend on cleaning bombs and the like when you are counting so many pennies in other areas, like food costs. But this recipe will allow you the best of both worlds, having the bombs and saving a few bucks.

The initial cost of making these bombs will add up unless you already have purchased and use various essential oils. But they do go a long way, and you will be able to use them over and over again. Some ingredients, like baking soda, you may already have in the house. In fact, baking soda is such a useful product, everyone should keep boxes of it—big ones, for the kitchen, laundry, fridge, and under the sink for general cleaning. It is a fantastic thing to clean and cook with.

It will take a bit of time to make these bombs, but once done, they will be really handy to help you keep your toilet clean. They smell great, you can customize the scent to your own preferences, and you can even keep them on the back of the toilet in a pretty glass jar because they are so pretty to look at and they smell so good. Just be sure the jar is well sealed and no moisture can get in. Check out the website where you can find lots of neat ideas that can save you time and money and keep your home beautiful and clean.

Find out how to make this at the website, Mom 4 Real, by following the link below.

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