MONEY Saving Benefits of Organic Meat! Higher PROTEIN, IRON and OMEGA-3 than regular meat .

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3 POSITIVE Things You May Not Know About Organic Meat

As a nutritionist and researcher it is always difficult to come to final conclusions regarding certain health topics. For some reason it seems as though there is a strong wall of opposition from intelligent people about whether or not organic is really worth the money or not.

Some of us are NOT motivated by 'Fear Mongering'

We always hear the ‘fear tactic’ marketing about why non-organic meat is unhealthy for human consumption. We hear about antibiotics, growth hormones, super-bugs being created, appallingly poor living conditions for the animals, a degradation of our earth from the large scale farms and so much more. All of these things are true about big scale farming but some of us are just NOT motivated by fear. In fact, when we are exposed to fear style marketing, we rebel simply because we are annoyed that people are trying to scare us into making changes.

3 AWESOME Positive & MONEY Saving Benefits of Organic Meat

Some of us are much more motivated by rewards. So when you are at the grocery store asking yourself if you should splurge for the extra cost of organic meat, here are some benefits of organic meat that will affect you directly and even help you to save money on expensive supplements. If you are a meat-eater who spends money on expensive protein powders, omega 3 oils, vitamins and supplements, than you may be surprised to know that you can save some of your money on supplements and get these nutrients right from the source. . . IF the source is organic.

Did you know that when it comes to organic vs. non-organic:

* Organic meat is significantly higher in protein than non-organic meat.

* Organic meat is significantly higher in Omega 3 fatty acids than non-organic meat.

* Organic meat is higher in Iron & Vitamin E than non-organic meat.

Many of us will spend countless dollars on expensive protein powders that get added to smoothies, on iron supplements because we are feeling lethargic, on fish oils for the Omega 3s because we have heard about the important health benefits, and on vitamin E to help fight lines and wrinkles on your skin ; when if fact, if we are already buying & eating meat sometimes, we could be getting high quality protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and other important vitamins and minerals from our organic dinner instead of a jar.

To get a USDA Organic Certification here are the regulations needed in the animal industry:

* The animals have tear round access to outdoors,

* No antibiotic use (unless there is illness),

* No growth hormones,

* No animal byproducts, urea, and arsenic compounds in the animal feed,

* Raised on certified organic land,

* Fed certified organic feed,

* Cattle, sheep & goats must have access to 30 acres of organic pasture,

* 30% of diet from organic pasture.

When you read this information it just makes sense that animals that we consume in our diet that are bred in better living conditions will be of higher quality in nutrition and guess what else...taste! You do not need a study to convince your palette that organic meat and animal products of all kind are much tastier than non-organic meat.

Some more analysis of the nutritional differences of organic vs. non-organic meat:

* Omega 3 fatty acids are 40% higher in organic meat,

* In the dairy industry: ALA (fatty acid) is 60% higher in organic milk. ALA is a 'good' fat that helps with cholesterol,

* In the dairy industry: there is 41% more CLA (helps with weight maintenance) and 57% more omega 3,

* Higher Iron & Vitamin E,

* Significantly higher protein.

If you are interested in this kind of information and want to know more about the actual original PubMed research, than head to the link below to Chris Kresser who goes into more details and has direct links to all of the original research.

Learn MORE at Chris Kesser

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