No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies

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This no bake chocolate peanut butter crunch cookies recipe will become a favourite to adorn the table whenever you need something sweet to enjoy. Arman, the author of The Big Man’s World recipe blog, came up with this crispy no bake treats for an easy cookie that is decadent with few ingredients. Arman combines melted chocolate with peanut butter which binds puffed rice cereal together and forms into the textured cookies. This cookie recipe will be perfect to make all year round because it doesn’t require an oven. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate will make these particularly delicious during the Halloween season as well. Whenever you decide to make this crunchy cookie recipe, it will be a quick dessert to make whenever you need a dessert fast.

These easy desserts require a minimal amount of ingredients, like chocolate chips, peanut butter and puffed rice cereal. You may have all the ingredients at home to make this dessert recipe, which will save you a venture to the grocery store when you have a dessert craving. The sweetener Arman chooses to use is maple syrup, which is a natural sweetener, and therefore, considered healthier than granulated white sugar. Maple syrup is also ideal here in that it is a syrup, and therefore, it incorporates well into the mixture without the added texture of sugar granules. Maple syrup also has a rich, complex taste that adds to these fun desserts, and makes them increasingly addictive. Just make sure you use pure maple syrup, rather than store-bought pancake syrup, as it will have the best flavour. If you don’t enjoy pure maple syrup or don't have it in the fridge, other syrupy sweeteners, like pure liquid honey or agave syrup may work in this rice cookie recipe just as well.

Chocolate and peanut butter is a favourite combination of many people, because of how the nutty flavour of the peanut butter contrasts with the sweet taste of chocolate. If you have a peanut allergy or don’t enjoy peanut butter, you can still make this cookie recipe though. Arman mentions that you may use any other nut or seed butter you prefer, which will make this cookie accessible to everyone. These cookies are also dairy-free, because they have coconut oil in them rather than butter, and if you purchase a gluten-free puffed rice cereal, you can enjoy these quick desserts if you have a gluten intolerance as well. One of the most amazon things about this dessert recipe is that anyone can make them, no matter if you are an avid baker or not. The melted chocolate helps to solidify the cookies with little effort, so these cookies are relatively foolproof. If you are looking for no bake recipes for kids, these cookies would be a great choice too. There is no oven required or sharp knives, so you won’t have to worry about them injuring themselves. Moreover, there is little that can deter the success of this easy cookie recipe.

If you love puffed rice cereal bars, you will love these cookies with the crisp rice cereal. Although Arman mentions dividing the mixture into cookies, you could likely turn these into bars with relative success if that is your preference. Consider using other varieties of cereal you have on hand, like corn flakes as well. These cookies will not only be an excellent quick dessert to make on a whim but will also be a good way of using up leftover cereal in your pantry. Thank you to Arman, the author of The Big Man’s World recipe blog, for sharing her no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies recipe with us.

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