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You sleep on your mattress every single night, and you will also spend at least a third of your life sleeping. If that's not incentive to get a good mattress and to keep your mattress clean, then what else is? There's also the dread of dust mites that invade our mattresses feeding on our dead skin cells and creating pockets of dust in our mattresses. The only way to keep these critters under control is to deep clean your mattress regularly. While this may seem like a bug process, it's actually quite easy, especially with great cleaning tips on how to deep clean a mattress from One Crazy House. Cleaning your mattress regularly not only helps you keep your mattress in better shape so you can keep it longer, it also helps to prevent certain allergies and irritations. You can also help protect your mattress by using a protective mattress cover that will keep bugs and mites to a minimum. One of these protectors will also keep sweat to a minimum which will help keep your mattress clean and odour free. You should still be washing your mattress cover regularly as well as deep cleaning your mattress though.

This simple four step process teaches you how to deep clean a mattress in your home. You will probably want to do this once every few months if not once a month to keep your bedroom feeling nice and clean. All you'll need is just three ingredients for the mattress cleaning tips. You may even already have all of these ingredients in your home as they are common household products that you can use for a number of cleaning duties. All you need is some baking soda, the same stuff you use for baking recipes, essential oils and a vacuum cleaner. Using essential oils is always optional but they can really bring a nice scent to your mattress and some of them like lavender can really enhance your sleeping experience by making it easier to sleep. Since lavender promotes relaxation, adding this essential oil to your mattress will help you relax when it comes time to hit the pillow. You can also put a few drops on your pillow or make a linen spray that you can spray each night before bedtime. Having an essential oil diffuser in your room is also helpful.

First of all, take your vacuum and attach the upholstery piece to the end of the hose. Make sure the piece doesn't have a motor in it because this can rip the thread or fabric of your mattress ruining it. Next, mix 2 cups of baking soda with 10-20 drops of your preferred essential oils. You can use just one scent or make your own signature mix of oils to promote sleep and relaxation. Besides lavender other great essential oils for this purpose are peppermint, chamomile, or eucalyptus. Lemon, tea tree, or orange essential oils will be great for killing bacteria in the mattress. Once all of your essential oils and the baking soda are mixed well, just sprinkle the powder mixture all over your mattress generously. Then you will gently rub it in with a cleaning brush which will deep clean it. Let the mixture sit on the mattress for at least 1 to 2 hours or more if you like. Then, get your vacuum and vacuum the entire mattress with the upholstery attachment on to pick up all of the baking soda. Once you're done, you will be able to smell the freshness and feel the cleanliness of your mattress when you go to bed. Do this as often as you'd like and share it with your friends.***

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