Slow Mo Vacuuming 101 and other Cleaning Tips

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Here is some great advice on slow mo vacuuming 101 and other cleaning tips that will keep your home spit spot and help your gear last longer too. Believe it or not, moving your vacuum more slowly over your carpet will not only clean your carpet better, but also help your vacuum last longer. So move in slow motion when you vacuum.

It’s all true, according to Paul Iskyan, President of Rug Renovating, a rug and carpet cleaning company in New York. If you drive the vacuum like a race car, tearing around the turns and racing hard down the straightaways, your carpet will wear out as will your vacuum. Instead, Iskyan advises, move slowly over the carpet with overlapping strokes.

There are other tips to help you get the most out of your vacuum and longer life out of your carpet.

1. Minimize the dirt that gets on the carpet. Use rugs at entry ways or other places where dirt gets tracked so that it doesn’t get on the carpet.

2. Once a year, give the carpet a deep clean. It’s just like when the hair dresser washes your hair, somehow it’s cleaner, shinier and better than when we do it ourselves. Similarly, a deep clean gets down where the vacuum cannot and helps restore your carpet to its original condition.

3. Get a vacuum checkup. There are plenty of small appliance repair centers where you can bring your vacuum. They can check out all the parts to make sure they are not worn or too dirty to do their job, and make the necessary repairs to ensure that your appliance is working as well as possible.

4. Clean those spills asap. Your vacuum cannot lift spills at least not the wet ones. When you spill wine or other colored liquids, pour soda water or salt on them right away, and keep lifting the liquid or salt up until the color is out. Then use a spot cleaner according to the manufacturer’s directions to finish the clean.

Find out more ways to breathe life back in to your vacuum and rugs at the Consumers Report link just below.

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