The best way to fix water stains on wood

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If you have wood furniture, you've probably had the unfortunate experience of getting water rings on the furniture.

You leave a cold drink on the table for too long, or something spills, and you don't clean it up in time, or your plants overflow with water if you give them too much water. When the water gets underneath the finish on the wood, it gives the appearance of white stains on the wood which is devastating. When you're dealing with water stains on wood, there are a few different things you can try. You may have gotten oil stains on your wooden furniture before too, and there is a fix for that as well. Katie Berry from House Wife How To's shares her simple life hacks and cleaning tips for how to deal with these unsightly stains and marks on wood furniture so your pieces will look as good as new again. Always make sure you do a test spot in an inconspicuous area on the piece of furniture first just to make sure that it doesn't discolour the piece.

The first way you can fix water stains on wood is to use oil. You will need the following ingredients. Full fat mayonnaise or the one with olive oil in it, a microfiber cloth, a dry, lint-free cloth, and a piece of plastic wrap that is cut to be larger than the stain. First of all, wipe the entire table or wood surface with the dry lint-free cloth to get rid of any dust and particles. Then, put a small amount of the mayonnaise on the corner of the microfiber cloth, and rub it into the stain trying not to get it on the non-damaged wood. Next, put the piece of plastic wrap over the mayonnaise and let it sit on the stain overnight. Come back the next day and simply wipe the mayonnaise away with a warm, damp cloth until the oil is gone. Hopefully, the ring will have disappeared, but if it hasn't there's something else you can try, and it doesn't require sanding either. This is the heating method which can pull the moisture from the water mark up into a cloth out of your piece of furniture. All you need is an iron and two clean towels. Just put the towels over the water stain and with the iron set on medium heat, with no steam, put it on the towels and push down on it for 15 to 20 seconds. Check under the cloth to see if the stain is gone and if it's not, just try the method again.

If you have an oil stain, there's also a way to get rid of those too. Use one cup of warm water, one scoop oxygenated bleach like Oxyclean, a soft brush, and microfiber cloths. Mix up the Oxyclean powder into the warm water then use the microfiber cloth to put the solution on the oil stain and not on the surrounding area because it could create a water stain. Then, use the brush to gently work the solution into the stain. The Oxyclean will help to dissolve the oil lifting it from the wood. So try these methods to lift oil or water stains from your wood furniture before you start sanding and refinishing them which can be a lot of work. You can also keep your tables looking great with a couple of simple life hacks and cleaning tips. It's always a good idea to keep coasters on your table to prevent these water stains from happening. You can also prevent water stains by wiping your table down after each use.***

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