The Besy Way to Clean a Gross Dirty Tub

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Got the bathtub blues? Want to discover the best way to clean a gross dirty tub? You’ll find some bathtub cleaning tips, and even some bathroom cleaning hacks, in this great article. Although we all enjoy soaking in a freshly-cleaned tub, bathtub cleaning has to be one of the least favourite jobs on the housecleaning list, perhaps just second to oven cleaning. Why is it that people dislike cleaning the bathtub so much? Perhaps it’s because it tends to involve a lot of physical labour, like scrubbing and rinsing, and it can be very hard on the back. Finally, if you’re not using the right bathtub cleaning product, cleaning your bathtub can take a very long time – and, even then, does it ever really get clean enough?

There are a few simple, natural ingredients that you can use to make your own natural bathtub cleaning product that may work so well that you won’t even have to scrub it. All you’ll need to do is mix the DIY cleaning solution up in your spray bottle and spray it into your tub. Leave it there for a half an hour, or so, then come back and simply wipe it out. That’s it. With some luck, you won’t have to scrub or toil in your bathtub ever again. Sound too good to be true? Then try it out. There’s no harm in trying. This all-natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning product takes only two ingredients and is very inexpensive to make. One of the natural ingredients that goes into this amazing DIY bathtub cleaner is, of course, vinegar. Vinegar is an age-old natural cleaning ingredient that our grandparents knew about, and so did their grandparents before them. With its high acetic acid content, vinegar is an excellent deodorizer, disinfectant, and grease-cutter; this is why it works so well in the tub – it can cut through all of the calcium build-up, water stains, and soap scum, so that all you need to do is rinse it away.

Whether you’re cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, vinegar is any housecleaner’s best friend. Vinegar is natural, non-toxic, and inexpensive. It is totally safe to use around your kids and your pets, although they might not be very happy with its strong odour. Although vinegar’s scent can be quite pungent, at first, it does fade fairly quickly, leaving only a fresh clean smell behind. Although vinegar is very helpful in cleaning most areas of the home, there are a few places where you should not use vinegar because it can actually cause damage. These areas are marble and granite countertops, as the strong acid content of vinegar can literally etch the stone, stone floor tiles, for the same reason, and your clothes iron, because it can harm the internal workings. At one time, it was common to use vinegar in irons to freshen the steam they emit, but today irons tend to be far more technologically-sensitive than they were during the time of our grandparents. When it comes to bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and linoleum floors, however, vinegar is the hero of the day. The best way to clean with vinegar is to do some research first, to make sure you are using it in all of the right areas, and when in doubt, simply dilute it with water.

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