The Easiest Way to Keep Wood Floors Clean

Wood floors are gorgeous showpieces in many homes, but they require some particular care in maintaining their illustrious appearances. Dana Miller, an author at Popsugar blog site, explains her easy process of how to keep wood floors clean without damaging the surface or finishes. By following her instructions for cleaning wood floors, you will come to believe that her floor cleaning methods are some of the easiest around. Rather than employing a commercial cleaning service, you will be able to apply Dana Miller’s floor cleaning instructions to your home, and the process is so easy that you will feel you can clean your floors on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for the best appearance and shine.

Many households have plenty of carpeted areas that are no-brainers to clean because you can just run a vacuum over them for minor clean-ups. The benefit to having wooden floors over carpet is that they won’t stain as easily, and cleaning wood floors mainly requires a sweep with a broom. When it comes to kitchen floor cleaning, wooden surfaces can be much more challenging than in the rest of the house because the likelihood of food spillages and crumbs is increased ten-fold and a broom won’t do the job nearly as efficiently as Dana Miller’s kitchen floor cleaning methods. To start with cleaning a wooden kitchen floor, you want to get rid of all the dirt and dust, and Dana finds that a vacuum does the trick for her. Dana’s multi-purpose vacuum has a brush meant for carpeted areas while that brush can be incapacitated so that it doesn’t scratch her wooden floors. Whatever you do, you do not want to use anything abrasive when cleaning wood floors. If you have to clean up a spill quickly, use a soft cloth or paper towel, and if you have to lift up dust and crumbs, use a vacuum that is proven to be safe on surfaces that can be damaged easily.

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