The Post-It Keyboard Duster

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The good ol’ post it note! What a wonderful invention. It’s definitely one of the little things that has changed our lives for the better. Not only is it good for posting short notes, it can also be good for dusting, among many other things! Yes, that’s right folks, here’s all you ever wanted to know about The Post-It Keyboard Duster – and much more!

Do you have used post it notes all over your desk? Are some of them ready for the recycling bin? Well, before you pop them in the blue box, why not use their extra-sticky goodness to clean those hard-to-scrub areas on your computer keyboard? They can reach into those grooves like no other duster can!

You can also use post it notes to mark your cables! Do you have a mess of cables under your desk? All you gotta do is write “monitor”, “mouse”, “keyboard”, etc, on separate post it notes and wrap the appropriately-labelled post it note around each cable. This will save you so much time when you are trying to figure out which is which! Great for moving, too.

Believe it or not, post it notes can also be great dust collectors if you’re drilling a hole in your wall. Just fold the post it in half (with the sticky side facing out) and attach it to the wall just below your drill hole. The neatly folded paper will catch any dust falling as you drill into the wall! And one last post it note tip to keep your home spotless and tidy: you can grab a couple post it notes to use as a coaster for your drink if you don’t have anything else around! Want to learn more great tips and tricks to house cleaning? Then head on over to the Home Hacks website.

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